Telugu cinema Biography -
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The word 'cinema' was derived from a Greek word 'Kinema' which means to move further or to move ahead.

In 1986 Lumiar Brothers exhibited a silent picture at Bombay. Later R.G.Torney, with the assistance and help of foreign technology, produced two silent movies Bhaktha Pundalika in 1910 and Raja Durbar in 1911.

It was Dundiraj Govind Falke - the first Indian to produce a silent picture without the aid of foreign technology or technicians. It was he who produced and directed Raja Harischandra and also acted in the title role. The movie was released on 3rd May, 1913. To commemorate his name the Government of India is honoring the stalwarts in filmdom for their services by giving the "Dada Saheb Falke" awards since 1970. Devika Rani was the first recipient of this award.

The under mentioned personalities from the Telugu cinema field were honored with the Dada Saheb Falke award for the years mentioned against their names.
• Sri B.N.Reddy - Producer & Director - in 1975.
• Sri L.V.Prasad - Producer & Director - in 1983.
• Sri B.Nagi Reddy - Producer - in 1987.
• Sri A.Nageswar Rao - Artist - in 1991.

As far as Telugu films are concerned, Raghupati Venkaiah from Machilipatnam pioneered Telugu silent movies. He sent his son R.S.Prakash to foreign countries to acquire knowledge about film craft. Prakash toured Germany, Italy and America and also worked for the movie "Ten Commandments" under Cicil.B.Demille. Raghupati Venkaiah is the first Telugu producer to make a silent picture Bhisma Prathigna in 1921 under the direction of his son R.S.Prakash. Prakash acted the title role 'Bhishma'. Later they produced Matsyavatar, Nandanar and Gajendra Moksham etc., Stalwarts like Y.V.Rao and C.Pulliah associated with R.S.Prakash and Venkaiah.

Later C.Pullaiah produced Bhakta Markandeya a slient movie and it was produced at Kakinada. C.Pullaiah acted in the title role of 'Yamadharma Raja'. In those days for the silent movies (as they are without dialogues) there were certain commentators who used to stand at the gates of the theatre or in front of the screen to narrate the film. K.Siva Rao, K.Sadasiva Rao, K.Hanumantha Rao, P.Kondalarao, D.Narasimha Rao were popular among such commentators.

To commemorate the service of Raghupathi Venakaiah, the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh installed an award in his name in 1981. And it is being given to those who rendered meritorious services to Telugu screen. Now let us see the growth of Telugu Cinema, decade wise since 1931.