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Telugu Cinema : 1970 - 1980

• No.of Films - 758
• Industry development in Andhra Pradesh
• Cinema Scope gets popular
• Sridevi played child artist and glamour artist in the same decade

During this decade 758 movies were produced in Telugu and most of the films were filmed in Andhra Pradesh. As the cost of production at Andhra involves additional expenditure to the producer the Government offered an subsidy of one lakh rupees for the movies produced in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

The striking event is the technology advancement marked by the production of cinema scope movie in white & black (Devatalara Deevinchandi). Mosagallaku Mosagadu was produced by Krishna in western style cowboy type movie. Special feature is that this movie was dubbed into English with the title Treasure Hunt. This was a colour movie. During this decade Dasari Narayana Rao and K. Raghavendra Rao made their entry as directors and they enriched the Telugu films by their varied craftsmanship. V.B.Rajendra Prasad, who produced movies previously, now turned as director with Dasara Bullodu. K.Balachander, Tamil director, through his Telugu movie Anthuleni Katha and Maro Charitra scored well.

V.Ramachandra Rao directed a historical movie Alluri Sitaramaraju which was produced in cinemascope. P.C.Reddy, Lakshmi Deepak, Singeetam Srinivas rao, K.Bapaiah were the few to mention who fared well as directors. Jandyala was the much demanded writer of the decade. Satyanand, Paruchuri Brothers are popular as writers. Chakravarthy worked as music director for maximum number of movies. As lyric writer Veturi Sundararama Murthy stood first.

N.T.Ramarao besides directing and producing the movie "Dana veera Sura Karna" he acted in three controvertial roles of Krishna, karna and Duryodana in that movie. The multi starrer movie "Devudu Chesina Manushulu" produced by Krishna has created a record. The song 'Telugu Veera Levara' wriiten by Sri Sri for the movie "Alluri Sitaramaraju" won central government award as the best lyric. During this decade action, crime oriented movies played a major role and family drama movies were rare. Dasari Narayana Rao scored well in sentimental movies and Raghavendra Rao fared well in action oriented movies. Vijaya Chander, Murali Mohan, Giri Babu, Prasad Babu, Narayana Rao, Mohan Babu, Narasimha raju, Chiranjeevi, Sangeetha, Lakshmi, Jayachitra, Jayasudha, Jayaprada, Sujatha, Lata, Sumalatha, Suhasini were introduced to silver screen in this decade.

Sridevi who played child roles in the early years of this decade rose to the status of glamourous artist. Among character artists Rao Gopalarao, Nutan Prasad, J.V.Somayajulu were popular. Bapu's Mutyala Muggu and K.Viswanath's Sankarabharanam changed the film industry atmosphere. so far boxoffice formula are concerned. For the movies of Bapu and Viswanath, K.V.Mahadevan's music was an added attraction. Ramakrishna , G.Anand, Jesudas, L.R.Eswari, Jamuna Rani, Vani Jayaram were popular as singers. Kranthi Kumar was a producer with taste and he produced women oriented movies like Sarada, Jyothi, Kalpana. Artist Krishnamraju with a real taste produced quality movies Krishnaveni, Amaradeepam and Bhakta Kannappa.

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