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Yuvasamrat Nagarujuna -The Charmer

As Clock is ticking towards the release of Manmadhudu, we present you an analysis on Nagarjuna.

No one predicted with Vikram that Nagarjuna would become such a star as he is today. A hero who had tough time in dialogue delivery 10 years ago now stands out as one of the top four actors in the telugu film industry. An actor with a very mild physique now turns out to be the charmer of the Tollywood. Looking at his latest pictures one feels he is really "Manmadhudu". It will not be an exaggeration to say that no other hero in the tollywood had the kind of lady following that Nagarjuna had.

1996 - An year of Ninne Pelladatha
96 started with Vajram in the direction of S.V.KrishnaReddy. Vajram is a remake of MohanLal's Spatikam in Malayalam. Initially Nagarjuna and KrishnaReddy started on a project titled Raakumarudu with all the posters of Nagarjuna released to the cine magazines. For various reasons best known to the cast and crew, the whole story was changed and Spatikam was remade. Director K.Viswanath acted as the father of Nagarjuna. This movie failed due to poor screenplay. Ramudochadu directed by KodandaRamiReddy followed Vajram.

Nagarjuna very much impressed with Gulabi, gave a chance to KrishnaVamsy to work on his banner for Ninne Pelladatha. Though the story is a mixed substance of lot of hindi movies. Slick screenplay and fast paced narration convinces you to the originality and you dont feel the flick anywhere. Lyrics by Sirivennela, and Music by Sandeep Chowta went hand in hand to provide both melodies and fast songs in a balanced way. Ninne Pelladatha has all the charm of Nagarjuna and fetched him filmfare award and National award as best regional movie. This is the most succesful movie in Nagarjuna's carrer and hence will not be an exaggeration if 96, in Nagarjuna's career, is named after Ninne Pelladatha.

1997 - Hero turns actor
With Annamayya, Nagarjuna brought out the actor in him. His histronics as a oldman are extremely good. Even time has this project in store for him. According to Jandhyala, there are so many directors and producers who ventured on making a movie on Annamayya including Jandhyala which turned out unfruitful. He also said that cine folks considered this a cursed project. When it is time nothing can stop it. This proved true with Nagarjuna and RaghavendraRao working for Annamayya. Though the movie is deviated from the actual story of Annamayya, it is the performance of Nagarjuna and the voice of SPB for Annamacharya Keerthanas that made the movie successful. Nagarjuna, in Anamayya, proved to the critcs how good an actor he is. The critics very impressed with his performance, reciprocated with a golden Nandi as best actor.
K.T.Kunjomon, the maker of blockbusters Gentleman and Premikudu, started out a high budget film,Rakshakudu with Nagarjuna and SusmitaSen in the direction of Praveen Gandhi. Initially the producer tried to rope in AiswaryaRai for this film which didnot work out. The audio was a big hit for which music is provided by A.R.Rehman. The movie could not stand to the expectations.

1998 - Not so successful
Aavida maa Avida directed by E.V.V released in the beginning of 98. The movie did decent at the box office. Nagarjuna's appearance in the movie at times seemed that he is without makeup.
AutoDriver which came out of this combination is a disaster at the box office. SureshKrishna having given blockbusters in the form of Basha and Master directed the venture and the expectations were high.
songs saved the movie to some extent.
Followed by Autodriver is Chandralekha, a remake of Mohanlal's Chandralekha (based on While you were Sleeping). Directed by Krishnavamsy and melodious music by Sandeep Chowta could not save this from a disaster. This is the same team which worked for Ninne Pelladatha. The movie is a very good one in the sense that it is very entertaining with comedy, good music, balanced performances from all the artists. One of the reason for the bad run could be the characterization of Nagarjuna. He is not projected in a heroic way and audience rarely received this kind of experiments from top heroes. Also lack of publicity is one of the prominent reasons for the debacle of this movie. Overall this is not such a successful year in his career.

1999 - Not Much
99 saw only two releases with Nagarjuna as lead. SitaRamaRaju and Ravoyi Chandamama. SitaRamaRaju is directed by YVS Chowdary and produced by Nagarjuna himself. Added attraction is a full length role of HariKrishna. Sitaramaraju is a decent hit at the box office. Jayanth directed the other movie Ravoyi Chandamama. This is loosely based on An affair to Remember. Jagapathi Babu played guest role. Ravoyi Chandamama is a debacle. The reasons as quoted by the director in one of the interviews is that he was not given enough time to do his homework or production work. Whatever the reasons might be, the movie fared poorly at Box Office.

2000 - SuperGood Movies
SuperGood Movie's R.B.Chowdary is known for his melodramatic movies. And most of the movies produced by him in Telugu are remakes from Tamil. In 2000 Nagarjuna acted in two of those remakes for SuperGood movies viz. Nuvvu Vasthavani and Ninne Premistha. superGood movies is very good at promoting their movies. And there is no exception here. Both of these movies went to celebrate 100 days.
Azad in the direction of Tirupati Swamy is produced by Aswini Dutt. This movie fared decent if not a block buster.
Overall, this is quite a succesful year.

2001 - Lack of Stories
2001 started with Eduruleni Manishi released in March. A dual role movie. Followed by it is Bava Nachadu directed by K.S.RaviKumar. A movie which was in production from a while has been shot in patches and released as Aakasa Veedhilo. Aakasa Veedhilo is directed by Singeetham. Nagarjuna played guest role as a friend of Mohan Babu in the film Adhipathi directed by RaviRaja Pinisetty. 2001 ended with a Tamil remake (Friends) on SuperGood Movies banner Snehamante Idhera. Sumanth also starred in Snehamante Idhera. A total of 5 movies in 2001. None of them clicked at Box Office. He acted with all ace directors, K.S.RaviKumar, Singeetham, RaviRaja. But still. Is it due to lack of stories? or Poor handling by the directors? Or Is it the poor choice of Nagarjuna??

2002 - Santhosham
As you keep wondering with the above mentioned questions, Nagarjuna gave chance to an upcoming director Dasarath for Santosham. Movie released during the summer soothed the audience with its family entertaining point. Though the story point is not novel, it is the narration that changed the fate of the movie. Also one could see a different Nagarjuna. He looked pretty handsome. And the new girl "Shriya" won the hearts of audience instantly. Movie produced by SriDurga arts created wonders and boosted up Nagarjuna's career. By the way of his appearance in the movie, any one could feel that he is really some form of Manmadhudu. Probably based on that VijayBhaskar and Trivikram must have framed the story. The movie is said to be loosely based on Mel Gibson's what women want.

Wine taste gets better with age. Probably this analogy applies to none other than Manmadhudu of Tollywood. Manmadhudu name aptly suits the charmer of tollywood - Yuvasamrat Nagarjuna. We wish, Nagarjuna, whole heartedly All the Best for his upcoming movie "Manmadhudu".

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