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19 Apr 2014
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Birthday interview - E.V.V.Satyanarayana

Birthday interview -  E.V.V.Satyanarayana

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E.V.V.Satyanarayana created his own trade mark in the style of film making and especially comedy. Having worked with Jandhyala for several films, E.V.V. has a good flair for comedy and that is what keeps him going. He occassionally tried different message oriented films but accepts that audience are always expecting comedy from him. It is almost 10 months that EVV has handled the megaphone. After working on a script for 27 versions, he is taking it to the floors. That apart, he is celebrating his birthday (10th June). Here is a quick catch up with the director and producer.

How are you planning to celebrate the birthday?
Celebrations (laughs)... what for? Did I get freedom for the country? Jokes apart. It is going to be as regular birthday.. wear new clothes.. and then go to work as usual.

Why this long gap of almost 10 months
Ya.. it is almost 10 months. I was totally focussed on the script for 'Fitting Master'. Naresh (his son) will play the lead. Script work is almost finalized. I liked how the script turned out. I would call it my dream project. I worked on 27 versions for this script. every time I started reviewing the script, there were new dialogs and scenes. I am sure this film will bring good name for my banner and also for Naresh.

when will the shooting start?
In July. I am planning for December release. Usually my films wrap up in 55 days. But we are already planning for 110 days schedule for this film. It is as per the story. As the story demands the film will be shot in Hyderabad, Vizag, Ramoji Film City and some part in overseas.

Any specialties in Fitting Master
Surely. I am introducing few more new artists. They will be in addition to existing artists. Also, we finalized on a Mumbai heroine.

Naresh is doing lot of comedy films. Is there a specific reason?
They suit his body language. Fitting Master will get him mass image too. Already, he got good mass image with Gamyam.

Naresh is already established artist. What else do you want to see him as?
I always tell him to target the position of Rajendra Prasad. Normally, every one in the industry look up to Chiranjeevi as benchmark. Going anywhere near to that position is not a joke. So I keep telling him to focus on comedy so that he has a guaranteed seat. Doing comedy will get him close to all segments than one segment of audience.

You are back on comedy track
People are entertaining my Kitakitalu but are quick to reject Pellaindi Kani. Doesn't that say something?

How would you analyze your 25 years of career?
I got my own recognition and people still remember me. The main reason is that I analyze for every film and take good precautions. Audience are expecting something from me and I should give them what they are looking for. There is lot of competition now. Even a small bit of negligence might cost you dear. A while ago only few of the directors shared the competition. Now, there are hundreds of directors. We should change according to the trend and the taste of the audience. Now the expectations of the audience also changed. It is now more than what the audience were expecting in the past. That is why I still strive to come up with something new. You have to continue your trade mark.

why do you think Aryan is lagging?
Not the right stories is one reason. Secondly, he did a few films out of obligation for big banners and directors. It is basically the decisions that went wrong. In the last 1 year, he rejected 5 films as they are all routine. His judgment came out to be true as all of them turned duds at the box office.
Hence I leave it to his discretion on which ones he want to pick. At present, he is doing a film that also has Srihari. Also, he is doing a film in Tamil. Flops and hits are part of any film hero's career. If you take Abhishek Bachchan, he had 17 flops before he got a hit. I am very sure that Aryan will settle good. It is just the time factor.

Success rate in the industry has come down
There are several things starting from story to release. If movie making is one ordeal, its promotion is a different step altogether and then the film has to release in time. And there are external factors too. 45 days of cricket played havoc on the industry summer.

At one time, you were doing films with big stars. Why are you not attempting those now?
It is all linked to money matters. When you are making commercial movies, you have to deliver success. Big bucks are at stake. It is the success that makes you sit on the hot chair. As long as you deliver the success goods, you will be on roll. In the past, I tasted good success. Now I am doing good as a film maker because of the small films. There is lot of freedom in this league. You can change the story and narration as per the need. That will be tough for a film with big star cast. Directing a star will put you in several corners including lot of mental stress.

Do you have any plans to do sequels?
Alibaba Aradajanu Dongalu, Aa Okkati Adakku, Appula Apparao, Kitakitalu are all good picks for Sequels. I will surely attempt them. Stories are ready too.

In your opinion, how is the industry doing now
It is going through some tough times. Success rate has come down and this will put lot of pressure on the producers. Those who made good money on real estate ventured into production but they are already leaving. NRIs initially showed interest but they are also hesitant now. The main reason for this is lack of understanding. Now a days, new guys wont even work for 2 films but will turn into directors. Hero, heroines are hiking up price if they taste big success. This and several other things have increased the cost of production. Adding to all this is the lack of proper script work.

The discussion could go on for ever. But we did not spoil the mood of the director who is about the cut the cake and celebrate his birthday. We still have plenty of time to talk about it later. For now, we wish E.V.V.Satyanarayana A very happy birthday and we hope his dream project Fitting Master will bring him good fortunes.

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