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23 Apr 2014
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Sowryam starring Gopichand, Anushka is gearing up to release on 25th of this month. Anand Prasad produced this film in the direction of cinematographer turned director Siva. Here is a quick chit chat with Gopichand about the same.

Tell us about Sowryam
Sowryam has all ingredients and commercial elements. It wont be an exaggeration to say that it will be a fullcourse festive meal. And the best part I liked in the film is the narration. I visualized the script when he narrated the film to me as a typical audience. I liked it. In fact, I do that to all the script hearings. I try to visualize the film with someone else in the role and see how it works for the audience and also for me.

What went wrong with Ontari?
The entire team knows that we are playing risk there. Heroine getting killed is a key but sensitive point. We know that there are chances that this concept might be rejected by the audience. We gave our best to convince that point because we believed that we would see success if we could get across the point to the audience. We also counted in the fact that the audience are looking for novelty and hence thought of this risk with optimistic approach. As you know the result, it misfired.

How did Siva impress you?
I liked the way he narrated the story. In fact, I could see the entire film while he was narrating. If there is enough energy in the scene, it would come out even if it is pictured ordinarily. I saw that energy in the scenes narrated by Siva. I can now tell you that Siva will become a big director in future. I am sure that I will do another film him. Will not be the next one though (laughs)

There is a buzz that you are preferring only action stories
That is all trash. A story needs to have all components to impress the audience. I would like action part associated with it. Lets be honest. Audience would not like to see me a lover boy role. So even if it is a love story, there has to be some action in it (laughs).

You are saying soft characters are not your type. You would only know when you try it
I have done such roles. Okkadunnadu is such role. You might argue that it is not a class or soft role. If you put aside all the action part (fights), you would see a soft guy struggling to keep up his family and his life. That film did not click all that well. Ontari is also on the same lines. I have to realize on how audience are willing to see me. In fact, I do not believe in this class mass comparision. A person who pays 10 Rs to watch a movie will have same kind of emotions that a person who pays 100 to watch the same film. Only difference would be in 10 Rs block, you could whistle if you like the scene and you would not see that in 100 rs block (laughs). But the basic emotions are the same.

All the films target at hero trashing villain. In this film, why does hero beatup the villain?
If there is a hero, he has to hit some one and that possibly cannot be the heroine. So it would end up being the villain who gets trashed (laughs). And coming to Sowryam... Just wait for a day and you would know why the bad guy gets beaten up.

Do you suggest change of scenes or sequences during script time
When I hear the story and if I feel that something is amiss, I would surely tell the narrator. There is nothing wrong in that. For example, for a long time I was under the impression that I should do Ghayal. Even Bujji (Nallamalupu Bujji) thought of making that movie with me. Vasu (Srivaas) narrated a story that is on the same lines. I felt that love angle is missing in there and we fine tuned it. Thats how Lakshyam happened.

You are open to risks. Why not attempt films like Ghajini?
Now we are talking different things. When Telugu audience go to Ghajini, they know two things. One, the film is dubbed and two, they know that the film is a big hit in Tamil. So they might already have an opinion framed. With that mind set, even if the film is average, they will come out with the feel that the film is good. In my opinion, if a prominent Telugu hero did that film in Telugu, the result might have been different.

Is it your choice that Mani Sharma is repeated for all your movies?
Not really. I did 6 films so far. Four of them are musical hits too. There is a strange synchronization between the hero and music directors. What I mean to say is a music director some how ends up giving good music for a hero all the time and that happened with me and Mani Sharma.

Do you want to follow your dad's path of film making (making message oriented films)?
If I get the right script, surely. Present situations and trend were different from then. In the present days, even the message will have to be wrapped up in an entertaining way. In my opinion, a film should entertain the audience almost until the end and in the end he should be really moved with the message. Then it will have a good impact. Best example for such films is Alludugaru. I personally like such movies.

There are a few rumours on your marriage etc
As you said it yourself, they are all rumours. I dont care about them. Those who are writing it might have a different agenda. Why should I stop them. Let them write what they want. I care least about such stuff.

Dont you think it would be beneficial to the industry by doing more films than doing 1-2 films an year?
I could do films left and right. But then we should get the appropriate script. This industry is very different. If you fall once, you might continue there for long or for ever. Every step has to be cautiously taken in a place where only success matters.

We learnt that the film is based on sister sentiment and Poonam Kaur played your sister in the film
Who told you that? I know you are taking a blind shot here. I am not going to reveal anything. You will have to watch the film to know what it is about. But what I will tell you is that Poonam Kaur is in the film and she did a good role.

We wish all the best to Gopichand and the entire unit of Sowryam.

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