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24 Apr 2014
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I want to reach nook and cornor as an actor: Udaykiran

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Udaykiran birthday special pic

Here is a chit chat with hero Udaykiran, who is turning one more year on 26th June. He says he is eight years old

Happy Birthday to you
Thank you very much

What are you up to these days?
I am doing 2 projects currently. One is Gunde Jallumandhi in the direction of Madan and second one is EkLuv You Do in the direction of K.R.K. Medikonda Muralikrishna is producing the latter one. Both of them are almost done with production. Gunde Jallumandhi is getting ready for release.

Tell us about Gunde Jallumandhi
I am waiting for this movie to release. I have a very positive feeling on this film from the day we started shooting. I and Madan share a good rapport. We were in touch for the last one year He is known for making good family oriented movies while I have a youth image. But neither of us had any scepticism about working with each other. He preferred me for this particular story. We are very happy with the rushes we saw. There is a good talk in the trade industry about this film. I am sure this film will do a lot of good to my career.

What are the highlights in this film?
The titile (Gunde Jallumandi) is a Feeling. And a beautiful painting portraying that feeling is this film. Every one will feel this effect. Keeravani gave fitting music for this film. I always dreamt of working for a film with Keeravani and it is satisfied now. And Madan is a really good director. He prepared a good script for this film and the characterizations are very good. There is lot of entertainment also. I guess it is Madanís style to narrate his script in an entertaining way.

Your career started off on a big note but then dropped drastically
Ya! There are several reasons. But I do not want to blame or finger point any one in this regard. Normally, if the start is regular, one will get to plan and think on the future course. For me, I got back to back hits and I took some wrong decisions at key junctures. Add to it I did not have any film background nor did I have any God Father. So I took decisions on my own. Even then I never compromised on the story. All the films I did seemed good before they went to sets. But they failed with execution. It is a good learning experience though. I learnt what not to do. I am blessed with one thing though. In spite of all this, I never lost credibility with the audience.

Even though Sri Ram did not do great at the box office, it got a good film brand. Why havenít you tried any action films after that?
Honestly, I love to do action films. But audience might not like that. Even Sri Ram is not an out and out action film. I still feel that audience did not like to see me in such roles. And recent release Laxmiputrudu is an action film but is not presented properly. People, who went to the film thinking of Udaykiran and a Telugu film, might have felt it as a dubbing film. But if I get good scripts, I am willing to do action films.

How do you normally celebrate your birthday? How do you plan to celebrate this birthday?
I normally celebrate it in a simple way. This year, I am going to celebrate it with the unit of Gunde Jallumandhi. And this birthday will be special because I am sure Gunde Jallumandhi will be a hit.

What about the next film
It will be EkLuv You Do. If Gunde Jallumandhi has all established cast and crew, EkLuvUDo is all with new cast and crew. Anil gave music for this film. I can assure you that KRK and Anil will have bright future and they will stay here for long in the industry. Both story and narration are very novel. This is yet another film that I am waiting to release.

What kind of roles do you like to do?
I am an actor and my profession is acting. I have to do roles as per the script and story. I do not want to restrict myself with an image. It is not what kind of roles I want to do. My goal is to reach nook and cornor as an actor.

We wish you all the very best for all your future endeavours. And many many happy returns of the day.
Thank you very much and keep watching my movies.

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