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25 Apr 2014
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Ileana - The Devadasu girl

Ileana is the most talked about girl in the industry circles. She moved the audience with her expressive eyes in
YVS Chowdary's Devadasu. She is now presently acting the heroine with Mahesh Babu in Puri Jagannath's Pokiri.

We got a chance to talk to Ileana about the success of Devadasu and her experience working for the film.

Links: Ileana from Devadas, Special session during the interview

So, tell us how you feel about the success of the film?

I am very happy. I am glad that I am accepted by the audience. I thank YVS Chowdary garu for giving me this opportunity.

Tell us about your impression of Bhanumati (character in Devadasu).

I was in love with this character. The characterization is amazing. She is a quite girl. Sensitive, innocent but stubborn at times. It is a mixture of some
interesting qualities. She is very confident.
You will get a good feel watching the character (giggles).

Any similarities that you see in you and Bhanumati?

Not really sure. But I am stubborn at times. (laughs)

How did you bag this opportunity?

I did the Fair N Lovely advertisement with Rakesh Roshan. Chowdary garu saw that ad and came to me with this offer. In our very first meeting, he complimented me that I have got expressive eyes. He then sent me to Bikshu garu to get trained with acting technique. I took coaching with Rakesh master for dances. and things kept rolling.

You think you will get a film with Rakesh Roshan (That is the Fair N Lovely ad theme.)

(Laughs with a pride) Yes. I now have that confidence.

You are from Goa. Did you face any language problem?

Yes, of course. But I had some good enough time to learn things before we went to
production. Now I can understand Telugu but can not speak. Every one on the unit helped me a lot.

What does Ileana mean?

It is a Greek word. In fact, ILIYON is a Greek City.

You got some good offers even before the film released.

Yes. I am very very happy about that. I am now doing Pokiri with Mahesh Babu. I also signed the film with Prabhas, Dil Raju. Another one with AM Ratnam.

Who are your favorite actress?

I like Kajol in Bollywood and in South I like Trisha.

How about the heroes?

Hmm.. Heroes keep changing. For now, I like Saif Ali Khan.

Tell us your experience working with this unit.

I had great fun. I learned a lot from Chowdary garu. He is a great teacher. He explained every thing in detail. He told me the meaning of every dialog and every sentence in the lyrics. I give the total credit for the film and team to
YVS Chowdary. In US, we stayed for about 50 days. It was quite expensive and there were some difficulties. He managed every thing with perfection. NRIs in the US are also very helpful.

How did you like the music of the film?

I love the music. Songs are really good. Visually they are just splendid.
For every song, we used 7-9 types of costumes and they are so good. Thanks to Jatin from Chennai who is my costume designer.

Your favorite song?

All songs are good. But if I have to pick one, it will be Adigi Adagaleka.

Any gurus, god fathers...

Of course. YVS garu is my guru. No doubt in that.

Thank you for giving us your time. Your word to our visitors

Thank you so much. My best wishes to all the viewers of your site. Keep watching me in Devadas and in my coming projects.

Interviewed by Phani

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