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18 Apr 2014
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Interview with JD on Homam

Interview with JD on Homam

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JD Chekravarthy directed Homam starring Jagapati Babu, Mamata Mohandas in the lead is all set to hit the theaters tomorrow. The film is not yet released but the sequel is already in planning. Also, watching the rushes of the film, Dhil Raju himself is releasing the film through out the state. Here is a quick catching up with Chakri.

In Tollywood after a long gap. Welcome back
Why 'welcome back'. I did go away from here. It was just a gap. Films will now happen continuously.

Is the gap because of the bad taste left by your earlier directed Madhyanapu Hatya?
main reason for the gap is that I did not get a subject that really excited me to go to the sets. I dont make movies just for the sake of making a movie or to make money. The story should inspire me and force me. Homam happened that way. As far as Madhyanam Hatya is concerned, I agree that it left a bad taste. In fact, lady audience raised their voice against the film. But it has nothing to do with the gap.

what is so special about Homam? There were already several films with the same story. In fact, there is a talk that you are making 'The Departed' as it is?
There is nothing like new stories in the industry. Every film will remind you of some old film. But the process of making films continues. Story is the key to any film. But what makes a big difference is the narration. And yes! Departed is inspiration to some extent. But you will not see Departed at all in Homam. If you go with the perception of seeing a remake version of Departed, you will keep wondering how Departed is related to this film. Narration is going to be very different. I will be honest here. When I approached Jagapati Babu, I told him that I want to make a film on the lines of Departed in Telugu. And after finishing with the script, he wondered where is Departed in the script. So, the story line could be the same but it depends on how you narrate it.

What made you so confident in Homam that you already announced Maaranahomam (sequel to Homam)
I know my film. I am sure every one will like Homam. One sure shot thing to quote is Dhil Raju, who is considered Golden hand in the industry, is distributing our film through out Andhra. As Ramgopal Varma always says, Dhil Raju knows the pulse of the audience very well. He is enjoying consistent success just because of that. And more over, it was a good script that we got for the sequel. So we decided to go to sets with the sequel.

You were all in praise for Jagapati Babu in several pressmeets
Yes. He is simply superb in this movie. Ramu commented that he always thought Jagapati Babu did good in Gaayam but never knew that Jagapati babu is such an amazing performer. He said this after seeing the film. That is just an example to tell you how Jagapati babu performed in the film. Audience will see a new Jagapati Babu in the film.

You did the script, and also wanted to act. Producer was also there. Why not do the lead role? Why negative role in the film?
It is not as per wish but as per the requirement. Jagapati babu will fit in that role and JD will fit in his.

Any specific reasons of your migration to Bollywood
No specific reason. After Bachelors, it will be PG. Similarly, i did my inter in Tollywood and then entered Bollywood for Degree.

So PG is in Hollywood?
Ya.. (laughs)

If a director has good experience, can he not judge if audience will like it or not during the production itself?
If that is the case, all the films will be super hits. When you think of the script, you will really like it. Then when you narrate it to the cast, they will also appreciate it and same is the case with the technicians. But when it releases, it might not fare well at the box office. I believe, the main reason for that would be that the narration style is not liked by the audience in those cases.

Credits say that you composed music also for the film. Is that true?
Ya. It is true. I dont have the habit of taking credit for some one else's work. What happened is that our music director Nitin was not in good health. We needed a song immediatley. I thought of giving it a shot. Every one appreciated the song. I was still skeptical. So I sent it to Ramu and he appreciated the music and questioned me on who composed it. In fact, I told him that it was new guy who composed it and he asked me to send that guy to him as he is looking for someone to compose music for his next film. Now I am very happy that the audio is also liked by the audience.

Okay JD. We wish you all the best for both Homam and Maaranahomam
Thank you.

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