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23 Apr 2014
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Interview with Rajendra Prasad

Interview with Rajendra Prasad

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Here is a quick interview with Rajendra Prasad, who is playing the title role Murugan in Quickgun Murugan. This is a Hollywood being shot in both Tamil and English at the same time. Anand Surapoor produced this film on Fat Fish Motion pictures banner in the direction of Shashank Ghosh.

How do you feel being part of this project
Opportunity is the best thing that you can ask for in this profession. And when you get the perfect one, youa re blessed. NTR in mythological and ANR in social films tapped when the right opprotunity came their way. I believe this is such an opportunity for me. In this film industry, I dont have any God Fathers but God. In the 32 years of my career, I believed in one thing - Opportunity. It came to me in the form of Quickgun Murugan.

Who is Murugan and What is this film about
It is a Tamil character. Jackie Chan is Chinese and he retains his identity even in English movies. And this is of the same type. If we bring a Tamil Cowboy character from 60s, that is Murugan. This is a comedy flick and will be in the international standard.

Shashank Ghosh made a documentary on this character Murugran. He then worked on it for 1 1/2 year to adapt it into full length film. In short, Murugan is a cowboy who promotes vegeterianism. And villain in this film endorses non-vegetarian food. There is always some or the other message embedded in my films. In this film, we say that vegeterian is good for health.

This film is selected for London Film Festival
Yes. Usually five films are picked in the South Asian category at London Film Festival and this is one of the five. I am happy and proud too. I put in lot of effort for this role. And also another interesting things is that 20th Century Fox banner, who came forward to distribute the film, ended up buying the entire film.

What are the specialities of this cowboy?
Oscar award winning team worked on the special effects for the film. This work was done in Los Angeles. You know, I even got trained in horse riding for about a month. Entire production was filmed in Mumbai, Hong Kong and Hyderabad.

How about songs? Are there any?
This film is made in Tamil and English too. Hence at least for the Tamil version, two songs are shot. One is from MGR's old film sung by Soundar Rajan - O little Flower. There is another song shot on Rambha. Rambha did a vamp kind of character in the film. Anu Menon is the heroine.

How did the makers zero on you for this role?
Typically this kind of project is to the calibre of MGR or NTR. But it landed up with me because of the media. It is very interesting that my name came out when the director and producer ran a survey about artists. As soon as they good good amount of response on my name, they contacted me.

Is there action in the film?
Naturally. There is lot of action but natural. And this kind of films are new to me. Hence I took all precautions doing the action part. The film has good cast and crew too. I am sure the film will be a good hit.

We thank you for your time and applaud you on this project. Not only you are scaling new heights but you are taking the Telugu talent to international arena and we all are proud of it. We wish that you continue to do several more Hollywood films. Congratulations and all the very best.
Thank you very much. The film will release shortly. Please enjoy the film.

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