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18 Apr 2014
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Check out the exclusive gallery of Krishnavamsi from the making of Rakhee

It was during the audio release event of Rakhee that I met Krishnavamsi and spoke to him about the film. When requested about an interview, he said that he would talk about the film only after the release. Rakhee released on 22nd and is running great at the box office. Krishnavamsi kept his word and okayed for the interview. Interview happened at his office on 23rd Dec. The following are the excerpts.

Firstly, Is Rakhee the answer to those who raised eye brow about KV and NTR combination?

I dont understand why any one would feel odd about this combination. I know NTR from the time of Murari. In fact, I wanted NTR to do the Anji role in Sri Anjaneyam. He was in a different state of mind then and things did not work. But we were always looking to work together. It just doesnt make sense to me when people say this is odd combination.

Probably the reason is that hero character is just another character in your film and hence they wont suit the star image of big heroes.

I made films with Nagarjuna, Mahesh. They are stars. This is another of those theories. The first priority of a director is to make a good film. Going forward, they try to make it a hit film. But no one would think of the lines of making film to display heroism. That is my opinion though.

So did you prepare Rakhee with NTR in mind?

No. I have this story in mind for long time. Probably NTR is not even in the industry then. Radhakrishna narrated this story to so many makers before. When I heard the story, I wanted to do it. It is the fate that the film happened now. Also, NTR was enquiring about working for a
film together and things just rolled. It is just the timing.

Normally, KV is seen in his films. For Rakhee, it is NTR and not KV.

I do not agree with that. I would want the story, characters to take the front seat than the director or the hero.

What I meant was your films have a KV mark.

I have heard from quite a number of people and I dont agree with that. Every director will have his own vision of taking a subject on to screen. And what you see is his vision and it heavily depends on the subject that is in focus. I do not agree with this touch, mark etc.

What is your inspiration for Rakhee?

Many. Every day you see something or the other in the news papers about such incidents like Srilaxmi in Vijayawada. They always upset me.

Tell us about NTR's performance.

He is simply superb. He has lot of talent and potential. It is probably the divine factor that Peddayana (late NTR) delegated his onscreen talent to this NTR. I see a great actor in him. He has lot of that youth in him. That probably makes him go for some unintentional mischevious things but he
will make it very big in future. I used to be stunned on sets at his spontaneous performance. He is a born actor.

Also, I only knew a good dancer in him until this film. But you know he is a very good singer too. He has fluency in at least 5-6 languages.

Any specific reason to name the hero Ramakrishna?

Ya. Surely. Adisankracharya took up the responsibility of preserving and propagating our culture and tradition. It is a wide belief that it was him who came back as Ramakrishna Pramahamsa and inspired Vivekananda. In this film the hero becomes Kali and eliminates the bad who torture women. So we felt that Ramakrishna is the right name as Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa is a devotee of Kali maatha. Even all the lady characters in the film were given names to reflect the goddess. Incidentally, even the production banner is Sri Durga Arts.

In Rakhee, you projected heavily on human emotions. Though you have failed with the same in the past, you are still sticking to it. Are you
against commercial films?

There is nothing more prominent than human emotions. Coming to the commercial films,
I guess you are talking about formula films. It is not my cup of tea to make formula films. Fact is, I want to make a mass masala film. I liked Dhoom 2 and would want to make such film. But I know that I cannot.

Chakram had human emotions all over. But it failed?

Chakram is a director's mistake. It is the responsibility of the director to bring a story to screen that will be accepted by the audience. Some where something went wrong. I take the full responsibility for the failure of that film.

When you come up with a script, how do you make sure that it will be liked by the audience. Do you place yourself in the seat of a viewer?

It is a blatant lie if a film maker told you that he made the film by seeing himself as a viewer. A film maker always thinks in the mind set of a film maker itself. It is up to the audience on how they like it.

The song that comes in the titles is very good. Why is that not in the album?

Ya. We worked on the song after the audio release. Initially, we wanted that to be Gayatri Matram. When we were doing the background score, we came up with this number and we decided to go with it.

Rakhee dialogs are pretty good. Who gets the credits?

It is a group of people who worked on the dialogs. I wrote a few. Uteej penned a few. Radhakrishna, Ratnam also penned some. When your emotions and feelings about such issues come out, they turn to dialogs. Naturally our feelings are all connected.

In Rakhee, NTR kills a bunch of people and walks away without any one arresting him. DOnt you think it is cinematic?

In Vijayawada, Manohar just walked away from 100s of students after killing Srilaxmi. Modddu Srinu walked away free after killing Paritala. Do you call them cinematic? They happened in real life. Didnt they?

There is usually a talk that Krishnavamsi goes on to sets without complete script and keeps changing it all the time.

Those who made such comments are ignorant and stupid. How do they know if I have the complete script or not. I would feel bad if any one who worked with me for the entire film said the same. I dont feel the necessity to answer to those who has that opinion on me.

Tell us about Ileana and Charmi

Ileana is good. Charmi will definitely make her mark for the next decade or so. She is a hard worker. She even dubbed her voice for this film.

About other cast in the film

Kota Srinivasa Rao is a great actor. He is a rare gem in the Indian Cinema. We had few conflicting opinions about some issues and that is completely personal. I have great respect for him as an actor. When I thought of grandfather's role in this film, I could see no one else in this role except for Kota. Chandramohan is a legend. He is such a good actor. Example is after one emotional scene in the film, he collapsed. He emoted to such an extent. It came so good and natural that we did not change the dubbing for the scene. It had live dubbing. Suhasini is a wonderful actress. Being wife of a renowned director and being a camera women herself, she readily accepted this role and did great justice to the role.

How are you enjoying the success?

It is a great feeling. Lakhs of viewers are appreciating my thoughts. Some of the industry folks congratulated me and said they could see the vigor of my bouncing back. One of the best compliments I got is from an unknown person who called me from Vijayawada and said that after watching this movie his respect for the women is out of bounds.

What is your next project?

With Raviteja. It will start in January. Producers and other details will be announced soon.

Interviewed by Phani

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