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21 Apr 2014
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M.S.Raju, Sravanthi Ravikishore

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MS Raju, the sankranthi maker at the boxoffice, repeatd his magic yet again with Nuvvostanantey Nenodhantana. Not only is he the producer but also the screenwriter for the film. Media states that MS stands for Mega Success! We wanted to congratulate and talk to MS Raju. After few phone calls, we were given an appointment to see him on 26th January at 9:00 AM. I was there sharp 9 AM and was surprised to see producer Sravanthi Ravikishore and Rajkumar of KAD Entertainments. Apparently, they were discussing something about the film in Overseas. Sravanthi Ravikishore is releasing the film in US through KAD Entertainments.
When I was given a chance to talk to, I congratulated him on the success.

Congratulations on the success of Nuvvostanante Nenodhantana!

Thank you Phani!

You are proving yet again that MS stands for Mega Success or Makara Sankranthi. How do you feel about the success of Nuvvostanante Nenodhantana

I am very happy and it is quite natural. Success is always sweet but at the same time increases the responsibility. I wish to give more hatricks like this. I want all my films to do good and become hits in the same style. Coming to Sankranthi, I am glad that all my films which released on Sankranthi saw great success. But it should not be just for Sankranthi or Vijayadasami, the film should do good irrespective of the time it releases. It should be like my films should bring festival at the box office. Coming to the success of Nuvvostanante Nenodhantana, the entire credit goes the team work. I am very much thankful to the team. Our hard work paid off.

What are your expectations on the success range?

The range is huge. Response from all the centers is undiminishing crowds. We are under pressure to increase the number of theaters and prints. From Amalapuram to Hyderabad the talk is unanimous that it is going to be a 175 day film. As per my sources, it is still tough to get tickets in Hyderabad. I had a hard time getting 6 tickets for myself in the multiplex. The crowds are increasing and will continue to do so. Also, we are hearing that the film will run for 175 days in both the centers in Warangal.

You provided screenplay for the film! What part did it play in the success of the film?

For the success of any film, all the ingredients are required. Music, camera, direction, artists performance and similarly all the other crafts. Everything shoul fall in place in the right potions to make it great. Many thought that I was doing a blunder by roping in Sidhartha. I felt that he is the right fit for the role. Now see what happened! He has become heart throb. Similarly Trisha, Srihari, Prakashraj - every one fitted their roles perfect.

Do you intend to provide screenplay for other banners too?

I dont think so. As you can see, I have enough work up my sleeve with upcoming projects

All your films come with love background!

It would be right to say that my films reflect human values. I give importance to human emotions and values. Love is an universal concept and everyone could relate to it. Also, my films project the importance of women! Thats why the heroines in my films are not just limited to songs. They have a strong character.

All your films are coming out as feel good films. Is that your touch?

It is usually team work. But my part is definitely there. When you visualize a concept, you can project it on the screen only when you have a feel for it. For example, when we made Manasanthe Nuvve, we were totally involved. You saw how it created wonders. The same film was made in Tamil but didnot run well. The feel was missing. A film would see success only if it could inspire you!

In Andhra the film was released with 90 prints. However in overseas the film was released with 5 prints. 5 prints in US is equal to number of big hero films. What is the strategy here?

I think even the 5 number would increase. Inquire with Rajkumar if you want. This film is like a good poem and hence will be received well everywhere. In Andhra, we are expecting that the prints would cross 200 mark, though it released with only 90 prints. My friend and producer Sravanthi Ravikishore is releasing the film in US. I am very happy that he is distributing the film. He told me that he wants to be a part of this success. It is one of the best compliments to me.

When is your next project starting?

March 14th. Pournami with Prabhas.

Title is very interesting. Usually your title reflects Telugu nature. Do you pick the title apt to the story or for reflecting "Telugutanam". ?

Everything falls in place automatically. All you have to do is give in your hardwork and be dedicated.

Is Pournami with a love background?

Pournami is definitely not a regular kind of movie. Love element will be there. This film will elevate Prabhas to the fullest extent. Wait and see!

How is Nuvvostanante doing in overseas?

Rajkumar is the right person to answer this question (pointing to Rajkumar>.

Rajkumar added a few lines here - "It will see huge success.
We are planning to release the film with sub-titles also.
This is the kind of film which we can show to non-Telugu audience and prove how beautiful Telugu films are.
Telugu movies are received well all over the world. We are releasing this film even in South Africa. Our goal is to take the Telugu films across the world.

Sravanthi Ravikishore was listening to all the conversation. So I asked him on how he felt about the film. Sravanthi Ravikishore replied in his own style

It is a feel good movie. I really liked it a lot. I always wanted to make such kind of films. These kind of films make the audience happy and also the industry happy. This film will definitely stand in the top 10 films in the industry.

You are distributing the film in US. Do you intend to continue this?

No no. It is not my cup of tea. I am very impressed with this movie and am so happy to distribute this movie with KAD. There is no business motive behind this but only that I really liked the film and wanted to be a part of this success.

As a producer, what do you think is the reason for this success

First thing - Team work. The efforts will always pay off. MS Raju is a hard working and creative guy. He is also very keen and cares about even minute things. He is great in that aspect. Prabhudeva used to choreograph the songs. Now he choreographed the entire film into a song. The movie is like a beautiful painting. I congratulate everyone in the team on this success.

What are your upcoming projects?

I dont go to sets without solid project. I am working on few storylines. As soon as things are finalized I will tell you.

We thank MS Raju, Sravanthi Ravikishore and 'KAD' Rajkumar for taking time in talking to us.

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