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19 Apr 2014
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MS Raju

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MS Raju's Pournami is all set to hit the theaters tomorrow (20th April). After delivering continuous hits at the box office, MS Raju is all geared up for this summer with Pournami that has a blend of scintillating cast - Prabhas, Trisha, Charmi, Sindhu Tolani and highly talented technicians. Here is what he has to say about the film.

What is the inspiration behind Pournami?

The story is inspired from an incident that supposedly happened 4 decades ago. We presented that episode in today's terms. I don't want to reveal any more about the story. With a variety back drop, I am sure this film will entertain the audience.

You commented that Pournami is a challenge during the audio release function. Why is that?

This project is truly a challenge. The goal is to make the audience enjoy the film and get involved in it. A detailed explanation is some times necessary and it should not disrupt the flow of the film. We have put in so much efforts to achieve the balance. Audience will wonder at the detailed work we have put in.

How different is Pournami compared to your previous films?

Well, I am always cautious about not being repetitive with the concept. As you see, all my films were different. Now I really wanted to make a film that is different in every way. I came across this storyline. This is like Titanic. Every one knows that the ship will sink but the chemistry between the lead pair and the relations will take the audience to a different world.

Prabhas looks in different getups in the promos. How is his character designed?

He is doing an entirely different role that he has not attempted before. He acted in our banner for Varsham. At that time we worked on his body language and mannerisms, and worked out a rough young boy and made a youthful love story. That was 2 years ago. In Pournami, he is a doing a much matured character. I cannot just explain the depth of the character in words. And Prabhas did a splendid job.

Promos suggest the film with a music backdrop. Is that right?

That is the thing here. Foreigners are visiting India not to see the beaches or rivers. They are coming here in search of Indian tradition. They are quite fascinated by it. On the contrary, we are slowly moving towards western culture. I am not saying this is wrong. Wherever you go, you have to end up at your house finally. I believe that will be the case here too.
Pournami elevates the traditions and culture. It reminds that how much western you are, you are still an Indian. There is a lot
of thinking, research and efforts behind Pournami. That is why I said it is a challenge.

I recently heard that there are 5 heroines involved in this film?

Actually there are only 2 heroines in this film - Trisha and Charmi. Sindhu Tolani is doing a key role in the film. Archana (Veda), who acted in Nuvvostanante Nenodantana, is a classical dancer. There is a small role that needed a classical dancer and she did that. Also, actress Madhu Sharma did a very short role. Though the count is 5, actual heroines are only 2 of them (laughs).

What kind of impact will Pournami have on Prabhas's image?

His character is designed wonderfully. He will surely win great reviews for his performance.

What made you pick Prabhudeva for direction?

This is his second film for our banner. Earlier he directed Nuvvostanante Nenodhantana. That ran for silver jubilee. He is clear about what he wants and hence delivers the quality. That is what impressed me. He breathes cinema. Every moment of his is
devoted to movies. You will notice his clarity when you see how he molded critical scenes. I see a K.Viswanath, Ram Gopal Varma and B.Gopal in him. And another important thing is, we share a very good understanding.

How many working days for this film? It was supposed to be released in March!

We used about 180 days of work. Though we planned to release on 30th March, I could not. I do not like to release the film in hurry. I release it only when I am completely satisfied. In the past, I did that very thing of releasing the film on date even without proper finishing for Deviputrudu. I will not repeat that again. Also, since this story is very novel, we made every effort to make it an easy digestion for the audience.

What is your next film?

I will reveal the details on my birthday - May 10th.

We wish MS Raju and the team of Pournami a grand success.

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