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18 Apr 2014
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There is no need for any introduction to the Prince of Tollywood - Mahesh. Well, here is a brief introduction on
what we talked with Mahesh. Mahesh who acted as a child artist in few
blockbuster movies like Mugguru Kodukulu, Gudachari 117 and more, was a total assurance that day itself that one day he
will come back and rule the kingdom.
His return to the filmdom as 'Hero' could not prove the assurance
he offered as child artist until OKKADU. Though Mahesh has got the ingredients of a true actor, its the luck that evaded
him for so long and he acheived it now with a big bang. Okkadu is surpassing all the records.
We wanted to get his comments on Okkadu and his reaction. We dearly wanted to get a long and detailed interview and ask him
about so many issues but we saved it for some other time. Here goes the comments of Mahesh on Okkadu

How are you taking the result of Okkadu?

It is slowly sinking into me. I am just waiting for this kind of a hit for a while. And now I don't know how to react.
I am very excited, thrilled and happy about Okkadu.

You said you didnot know how to react? Why was that?

(Realising that we are already into shooting and with a simple smile in his own style.. he continued)
Even though Raakumarudu was a hit, I didnot fell the pleasure nor could enjoy the success. Everyone commented that its
his first film and other things. Murari was a hit. But I could not be happy with that one as it is declared
a winner after 4 weeks of the release. And also we received calls from many locations that
30 minutes of the movie was cut. Exhibitors took liberty in chopping out what ever they wanted. So its not the same movie
in two different theaters. That did not leave any scope for me to enjoy the success. It is Okkadu that is declared a hit
and as a matter of fact, this is the first movie that got a superhit talk among all my movies.
I saw the movie on the first day at Sudarshan and I was all excited with the response.


what aspects thrilled you the most in Okkadu?

Characterization of the hero. Portrayal of the character shaped out very well from the beginning itself.
We took measures to make this character feel like a common man and didnot want to build up an image for that.
The character has got power in it.

You are big star but you are like down to earth attitude. How do these hits and flops..

(Interrupting our question as he guessed it).. Everyone in my family is like this. I know this industry from my
childhood. Nothing is new to me. Hits and flops are part and parcel of this industry and that should not change what you
are. I will always be the same.

Gunasekhar mentioned in one of his interviews that his dream project is to make Chatrapati Shivaji with
you. Is this the next movie that is being worked out with Gunasekhar

NO. Sivjai project will take more time. I am planning to stay with the project for 1 1/2 years. Also we need to do
more ground work. So currently the project is postponed..... lets say pending. We are working on something else. Sivaji
will come after that.

Tell us about Nijam

If one doesnot react to do the movie immediately after hearing the story of Nijam, he can be called lunatic. There is
so much potential. Teja will definitely create wonders with Nijam.

What is so special

You will know once you see.

You seem to be very confident about Nijam. So there would be two superhits for Mahesh in this year itself

Third movie is under production. Produced by Manjula and directed by Surya. This movie will release either
in July or in August. These movies are just the glimpses to say that good times have started for me.

Is there a reason on why you opted for Gunasekhar for your home production

I liked Okkadu very much. Myself and Guna tuned together. Our frequencies match. So I said that we will do a movie
together and Guna is very happy about that too.

Tell us more about this movie. This home production is produced by Rameshbabu.

Thats right. Story discussions will go on from February until April. Shooting will start in April. Guna has wasted two years for me.
Guna has concentrated on the script of Okkadu and because of that he didnot commit to any other project. I have to say
hatsoff to Guna who has worked hard for almost two years in these days of partnerships. So I immediately started a movie
with him.

You are going to work with producer M.S.Raju again. When will this movie start.

May 10th. On that day all the details will be announced.

Why aren't there any mass movies from you?

I have to say no good story. Few folks approached me with story lines but I didnot like them. If I get a powerful mass
role, I am always ready to do it.

With this Maheshbabu concluded the interview.

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