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18 Apr 2014
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What inspired you to get into films? Is anyone in your family related to this industry?

Family background is related to Politics. I hail from a small village near Hanuman Junction. My grandfather is an active associate of CPI. However, my track
has always been seperate from that.
I did my education (finished graduation) in Eluru. My interest in films started with late NTR. I used his watch his movies alot.
Following my interests, I landed in Film Industry. To be frank, Shiva is the film that prompted me to get into direction. Though I never worked with Ramgopal Varma,
he is my inspiration. I am his ekalavya student.
I joined director Puri Jagannath garu and worked with him from Bachi. Bachi is his second movie. I worked with him as an assitant director for 7 films.
Recently, I narrated a story to Kalyanram. He liked it and then we approached producer C.Aswini Dutt. They liked my style of narration and gave me a chance with this film, Abhimanyu.
I am very happy that the film has been well received all over.

How did you pick Kalyanram for this film? After watching Tholi Choopulone... or

No I didnot see that film. I happened to see Kalyanram in person during a function. While I was making the script in my mind, it was Kalyanram who came into my mind.
So i narrated the story to him and this happened.

What was your experience during the making of Abhimanyu

It was all happy and the unit worked like a family. First of all, I should thank the producers for giving me good freedom. Kalyanram is very
co-operative and hardworking. Spandana is a very complascent and no-nonsense girl. And also Suhasini, Shavukaru Janaki and others co-operated well.
Another asset for the film is music by Manisharma and lyrics by Chandrabose.

What kind of movies do you prefer?

Definitely all commercial. A commercial film would carry all kinds of emotions. So I would prefer going for them. Also they tend to have appeal.

What do you concentrate more on? Story or Narration?

Both are equally important for a movie. When both these aspects are taken care of very well and add sound technical values, the film would definitely achieve success.

upcoming projects

Few projects are in discussion. One of them will finalize in next month.

How did the story originate?

Abhimanyu is based on a real incident. This happened in Bangalore. I got this point through a reference. Naturally, there will be few developments and modifications.

Which scenes did you think came out best on the screen?

Outcome of all the scenes are good. I got what i wanted. To quote one, I am actually moved by the scene where Kalyanram talks about his mother on the dias.

We wish Malli a all the best in his future endeavors.

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