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17 Apr 2014
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Nikhil talks about Ankit, Pallavi & Friends

Nikhil talks about Ankit, Pallavi & Friends

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Sekhar Kammula's Happy Days was a sensational hit. All the characters had typical characterizations associated with. However, Rajesh character is one energetic character in the film and aptly played by Nikhil. With his accent, dialog timing, dances and expressions, Nikhil became popular with his first film itself. He left such an impression in the character that he is often referred to as Rajesh than Nikil. His second film Ankit, Pallavi and Friends is all set to release tomorrow. His third film Yuvata is set to release soon while his fourth film is about to start in the direction of Chaitanya and produced by music director Mani Sharma.

Here is a quick chat with Nikhil on the release of Ankit, Pallavi and Friends.

Hi Nikhil. How are you?
Full Mast! like Jill Jill Jinga

Expected you to be a little tensed for tomorrow's release
No tensions. We all put in our hardwork and I always believe that hardwork pays off. So, no tensions.

Tell us about Ankit, Pallavi and Friends. How did it start?
That is a long before story. Hari (director) discussed about this film when I was doing Happy Days. In fact, I did not want to commit to any film until the release of Happy Days. But I liked Hari's story so much that I accepted it immediately. And then Happy Days released. Hari also felt good about it.

what did you like so much in the film?
It was the style of narration. Hari's style of narration was good. The entire movie is filled with youth elements and I really liked my character. Several such positive things got me into the film. And also, Hari is very passionate about movies. He quit a good paying job for pursuing his career in films. Our wavelengths matched too. And what more! That is good enough reasons to get excited to work with a director. I am very confident about the film. Editor Marthand Venkatesh saw the film and complimented that the film came out very well. We are hoping that we will get similar comments from audience too. No matter what the fate of the film at the box office would be, the unit is very happy that we made a good film.

What is the theme of the film?
This is a cute love story. As the title suggests, the film is about 5 friends. It is about their dreams, passions, goals and how the 5 struggled to achieve their goals. Ankit always dreams of becoming a rock star. Pallavi wants to be in a successful position in life. It is not just about Ankit and Pallavi. They have friends. And then there are two key characters played by Naresh and Sita. Among all these things is the love story. I dont want to reveal any thing more. Just watch it on the screen. I am sure no one will be disappointed.

How is it working with Megha Burman
I was initially skeptical because she is a Hindi girl and I was concerned if her dialogs would impact my performance. However, she is a dedicated worker and used to by heart all the dialogs before coming on to sets. You would not believe this but she delivered 3 pages of dialogs in one single shot. She is very very good. I enjoyed the film as I enjoyed Happy Days.

How do you pick your stories? so far, all the three movies you have done seem to fall in the same genre.
Nothing of that sort. I was one of the heroes in Happy Days but I am the main lead in Ankit Pallavi and Friends, and Yuvata. The only similarity in all the three films is that they are youth oriented movies. Rajesh in Happy Days is a tapori while Ankit here is a Urban guy. I am careful that I dont get redundant character.

Tell us about the music
Music is a key aspect of this film. Vinu Thomas, who has 4 Malayalam Films to his credit, composed music. Music already got good response. Also, Hari has good music sense and that helped getting the best out of Vinu Thomas. Songs will appeal good both off-screen and on-screen.

What are the other highlights in APF?
Entire movie (laughs). Every thing is good in the film. Story, narration, music, cast etc. Another big asset is cinematography. Malini Dasari, who completed FTI from Pune, handled camera for this film. She did a marvellous job. Every frame came out like a painting.

Okay Nikhil. Thank you for your time. On behalf of TotalTollwood and its visitors, we wish you and Ankit Pallavi & Friends all the best.

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Flop movie
by anon user on 2008-09-07

dont watch APF movie, waste of money and time, this guy lies, he didnt saw the movie at all


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