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20 Apr 2014
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A short interview with Prabhas

Prabhas is one of the most promising actors in Tollywood. With looks and good reviews for his performance already garnered in his bag, all he needs is a hit to make it big. Prabhas
feels the same. Prabhas, who is rather shy, is very humble and says he has acheived nothing. So there is no reason to celebrate his birthday in a grand way nor
give interviews as if he is big.

During the shooting of Varsham (3 days ahead of his birthday), TT team got a chance to chat with him during the shot gap. It is learnt that there is no
celebration this year and also he is going to be in Rajamundry shooting for Ramasai films on his birthday. However, he assured that next year he will celebrate
amidst his fans and well wishers after tasting the success. He is very confident about Varsham. Prabhas preferred to talk about his films rather than himself as he felt
that there is still more time for him to talk about himself. Following is the transcript of one on one with Prabhas.

Talking about his career

Career-wise it is going on fine. But not as
Though the first two movies - Eshwar and Raghavendra got me accolades and praises, there is an unhappy feeling within me. If success (implicitly hits) came along with compliments, that story would have been different. I would be really happy with such kind of scenario.

How would you like to project yourself? As a class hero or a mass hero?

I am not into creating an image. According to me, image is created automatically once you are successful. But image wont get you any success. Be it class or Mass,
success decides your image.

When do you think you will get the image(Success) you are waiting for?

I am confident that Varsham will quench the thirst of my success.

What is your character in Varsham?

Hero character (laughing). There are two shades in my character. One is a soft lover boy role and the other is a mass action hero.

How different is this from your earlier characters?

Previous roles are 70% mass and 30% class. This film portrays both sides of me in a balanced way.

You are looking for a good hit and director Sobhan's first movie didnot do great business.

I know what you are thinking. But remember "-" multiplied by "-" is plus. And that plus along with M.S.Raju's success "+" gives us the confidence. What ever the expectations
are, the common goal is always success. We are striving hard for that.

Tell us the details about Ramasai films.

Its a total mass masala film. I am doing the role of a tribal boy. It doesnot mean that the film has a village backdrop. The tribal boy is well educated. B.Gopal's
taking and Annem Gopalkrishna Reddy's making are going hand in hand.

How did your uncle's (Krishnamraju) image help you?

His image definitely helped me a lot. Whatever applause and identity that I am enjoying today is all because of him. Without him, I would have been another aspiring
actor waiting for a hero chance.

Any film with your uncle? And also tell us ur future commitments.

I am also waiting to act with him. We are looking for the right subject. That will definitely become a crazy project. As of now, I am doing Ramasai films and Sumanth Arts.
Director Gautham, who delivered blockbusters in Tamil, will direct me for a film to be produced by Ajaykumar (Tatineni Ramarao's son) and D. Rajvarma (D.Pratapraju's son). Also
on our home banner, Gopikrishna Films, we are planning a film with my brother Prabodh.

Any special things for this birthday

Nothing special. This is my second birthday as an actor. The first one, I was in foreign. This time I will be in Rajamundry for outdoor shooting. Definitely I will
celebrate it next year in the backdrop of Varsham's success.

Prabhas left to finish the fight sequence he was shooting for. He assured us he will spend more time with us very shortly. We wish Prabhas a very happy birthday.
We also wish his aspirations to come true.

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