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21 Apr 2014
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RGV on Raksha

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Akella Vamsikrishna's debut directorial film Raksha is based on the recent hit film Phoonk directed by Ramgopal Varma. RGV is in town for the promotion of Raksha. We met with RGV to grab a quick interview. Since it is not too long that we got an interview (during the Phoonk release) and also because it is about the same story line, RGV quipped what more is left that we ask him again. We kept the chat pretty brief as the director is pretty swamped with the schedule. Here is the quick chat.

Phoonk is already released and is declared a hit. What is the necessity that same story be remade in Telugu with different cast?
Phoonk and Raksha might be based on the same story line but the narration is not the same. The style of narration is different in these two films. Usually my Hindi films are dubbed into Telugu. But we wanted to make this film directly in Telugu in its own presentation.

You mean to say that the scaring factor is different in Raksha?
Different people visualize the same story in different ways. The same thing here. Even though the story is the same, Vamsi visualized the same differently. You will know the difference when you see the film. For example, idols, calendars swaying when you leave the house is my perception of some effect. The same could be differently shown by Vamsi, as per his thoughts. In Phoonk, it is Madhu who is doing the blackmagic but in Raksha it could be different. Watch the film and then come to a conclusion.

What difference do you see in Jagapati Babu from Gayam to date?
There is a lot of difference, I should say. There is a lot of subtleness you see in him now. Look at his performance in Homam. He did very good.

Previously you produced films on RGV productions banner. Now lately, all your productions are happening for Z3. Any specific reason?
No special reason. Both production houses are active and will continue producing.

Some of the recent films seem to be a freemake of Hollywood films. What is your comments
I dont see anything wrong in getting inspired. If the content is good and is inspiring, it can be used in your own way. Even you will find such in my films.

Previously you announced a project based on the media. Is the project still active? Or did you change your opinion on the media?
The film has nothing to do with my opinion on the media. But I am planning a film with media backdrop and that is going to be my next film. You will have to tell me on how I projected the media after you watch the film.

When is the next film with Amitabh
Not planned yet but surely there will be one.

There is a lot of news that you owe crores of rupees to Bharat Shah and that he filed a case on you for the same
That is all wrong information. Nothing of that sort happened.

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