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24 Apr 2014
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Raghava Lawrence

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Raghava Lawrence

After making a successful debut as director with MASS, Lawrence is all set to go for his second film. This time he is directing the film
for Lagadapati Sridhar. The film is titled Style.. Mass lo class. The makers say that the film is totally dance-oriented. Renowned
choreographar Prabhudeva, who also made debut as a director this year, is also involved in this project. During a pressmeet, TT caught up
with Lawrence, and here is a brief chitchat with him about the film.

After the super success of MASS, you might have got many offers, probably from some big banners too. How did you zero on Lagadapati Sridhar's film?

You are right! There are many offers. But for this film.. STYLE..Mass lo Class.. I was looking for a producer who is very supportive and involved. I just dont want
someone who acts like a financier. I saw the film Yevadigola Vadidhey. I should say that producer had guts in making such a film in
the beginning. And after that his efforts with the publicity are amazing. So I felt he is the right producer for my story. I narrated him the
entire script and he is very much impressed. Coming to the offers, there is nothing like big offer.. if the film is a hit that itself is a big

You are inclined towards MASS word for some reason. First film is Mass.. now the tag line for your second one is mass lo class.

(Laughs).. Nothing like that. It is kind of apt for the tagline. I look for novelty in the film. And I am sure STYLE will be a different one.

Who are playing the lead roles in STYLE

Prabhudeva, Raja, Charmi are confirmed. I am also playing a role in this one. The rest of the cast is yet to be decided. Most of the cast
migh be repeat from Yevadigola Vadidhey unit.

You are saying this film is dance based. So who will do the choreography - Prabhudeva or you?

Well! It really doesnt matter. I might do it or he might do it. Probably someone else might be roped in for the choreography. It will
happen on need basis.

Why did you pick STYLE as the title

Dance itself is a style. Every body has a different style for the dance. So this film itself is a STYLE.

Any names from the technical crew

Manisharma will compose music. Since this is a dance based film, every movement should be captured well. There is lot of responsibility
with the cinematographer. We picked Kabirlal for the camera. I narrated the story to Kabir Lal and gave him the choice that he can do
the film if he liked it. After listening to the story, he immediatley alloted the dates. Infact he assured me that he would do my next film too.
Ashok will handle Art, Vijay will take care of Stunts. Marthand Venkatesh is the editor.

IS this film based on classical dance or modern dance??

The dance that is liked by the audience. It will have everything.. folk, classical, western..

Details on songs and locations

There will be 6 songs in the film. 4 bits will be there. The entire film is being made in urban backdrop. Most of the shooting will
take place in and around Hyderabad.

Any inspiration behind this script?

Hmm.. It is inspired from a small incident that my mother narrated to me. Also, the incidents and hurdles that I came across after that formed the inspiration.

Thank you Lawrence.. We wish you all the best with this venture.

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