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18 Apr 2014
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Exclusive interview with RAM

Hero Ram talks exclusively to TotalTollywood about his upcoming film Jagadam. Jagadam is his second film. Ram created his own marque for dances and fights in Devadasu. He was also applauded by audience and critics for his ease in front of the camera. For Jagadam, he teamed up with Sukumar who provided a new image to Allu Arjun with his film Arya. Arya is Sukumar's first film as director. Sukumar then took long gap in preparing the script for Jagadam and Ram is his choice for the role. Isha plays the heroine in the film. Here are the excerpts of the interview with Ram.

Ileana and you made debut with Devadas. Both of you got good name. However, Ileana seems to be pretty busy compared to you.

Hmmm.. Tricky one. Fact is there is no gap for me either. Devadasu released on 11th Jan and I signed Jagadam on 4th feb. Both YVS and Sukumar are perfectionists. Naturally, the movies take long time to complete. You know it took long time for Devadasu to complete. Jagadam also needed good amount of time. As for Ileana doing more number of movies, it is good for her. But as a hero, I have to be more concentrated and focused.

Did you ever feel that you did not cash the image of Devadasu properly?

No way. Fact is I never wanted to get myself stuck with an image. If I had an image, Sukumar would not have approached me for this role in Jagadam (laughs).

Do you see any difference in yourself from Devadasu to Jagadam?

After watching the first copy of Devadasu, I was surprised I could act that good. I never realized that on sets. If
I was Devadasu in that film, I am Srinu in Jagadam. I always want to be a director's hero rather than a hero with an image. In Jagadam, you wont see me. You will see only Srinu. I tried living in Sukumar's vision of Srinu. Once I sign up a
film, I am all director's property. I will do whatever he wants. I would suggest only when I feel something else would be more appropriate. The ultimate decision is up to the director though.

You became hero at an early age. Do you miss academics?

I always wanted to come into movies. So I didnt miss any thing. It was in my blood from the beginning that I want to be an hero. Anything I did was evaluated on how would it fit me when I become a hero. I am not a movie manic either. In fact,I didnt know the difference between a director and a producer. But I wanted to be an actor even then. Luckily, I was always rewarded in terms of acting. I got best actor award for a documentary I did and also won many awards during school skits. So, I never felt that I missed something entering into films. Acting has always been my dream.

Do you feel that you are replacing the need for young heroes as others like Tarun, Udaykiran are coming out very less now.

I donot feel myself replacement for any one else. I want to get my own recognition and image. I am succeeding in that path. I am very sure audience will pay more attention to me after Jagadam.

The talk was that you tried imitating other heroes in Devadasu. what is your take on it?

I too heard such remarks. What I heard was Ram imitated Pawan Kalyan. But that is not true. What you saw in the film is me. I I did the role as the character demanded but did not imitate any one and will never do so.

How is the working experience with Sukumar?

I feel it is a great honor for me to work with a director like Sukumar. He is a perfectionist. He knows what he wants. Another big plus for Sukumar is that he patiently listens to every one and even respects their opinion, be it a light boy or chief technician. Though he takes the final decision, it is that kind of attitude that makes a difference.

Any instances that you had tough time with the director?

Never. There is no scope for it either since I take everything in a sportive attitude. There are times that I suggested few things but were not done that way. I dont feel bad. Otherwise, I wont be to going to him again and again with suggestions. He is the director and he knows what is required. Both of us did not have any ego and hence we did not have problems. Also, we were like good friends and hence there was always casual atmosphere on sets.

Tell us about Jagadam music

Jagadam music is rocking. Hats off to Devi. He did a splendid job. Arya music in this very same combination is a super hit. And so there would be high expecations on Jagadam audio too. Devi surpassed those expectations. Each song is special in its own way. My favorite song from this film keeps changing. I love all the songs in the film.

You are an upcoming hero. Do you think 14 crores budget is justified for your film?

It is true that I and Sukumar had good gap for our second film. But no one forgot us. And for those who commented about that
budget being risky with me, the business done by the movie is the answer. Those who comments will always do so. But I give the total credit here to Aditya. He never backed out on any thing. He was there for everything and provided whatever is required. In fact, this is the first film with such young producer and young hero. Business done for this film is pretty good, as per my knowledge. I dont want to say anything more than that in this regard.

There is a belief in the industry that if the first film is a super hit for a director, he never succeeds in making his second film a hit. This is the second film for Sukumar. What is your take on that?

If you notice, some of the directors embarked on their second project pretty quickly after tasting the success. Sukumar took 2 years in preparing this script. He did complete work and fine tuned every thing. And only after that he went to sets. He has no place for compromise in his attitude. So I have no doubts about Jagadam.

How do you judge the scripts?

When listening to the story, I look for unpredictable sequences. During the story narration, if you predict something but you are presented with something else, there is lot more excitement. That gives more edge to the script.

What is your next film?

Big question mark (laughs)

Heard that Sravanti Ravikishore is planning your third film in the direction of K.Vijaya Bhaskar!

Third film might be for Sravanthi Films banner. In fact we were planning my first film on that banner. Didnt happen and also the second film was for a different banner. Probably, my third film might happen on Sravanti Films banner. Nothing is confirmed on that front yet.

Anything else you want to talk about Jagadam

Yes. I am most thankful to camera man Ratnavelu. Cinematography is excellent in this film. He did extraordinary work for
Arya and did to the same standards in this film too. He is a big asset to our film.

Jagadam will surely entertain one and all.

Final word, keep watching my films and thank you for all your support.

Interviewed by Phani

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