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19 Apr 2014
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Ravi Babu

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Chit chat with Ravi Babu

Ravi Babu needs no introduction. He acted in several films, and also directed and produced a few films. He is the son of senior actor Chalapati Rao. His directorial ventures include Allari, Ammailu Abbailu, Soggadu. His fourth film is getting ready for release today. ANASUYA is produced by Ravi Babu himself on Flying Frogs entertainments banner in the presentation of Suresh Productions. TotalTollywood quickly caught up with Ravi Babu. He was hurrying to catch the flight to Chennai. He provided a few bites on Anasuya but assured that he will talk elaborately after the release. The following are the excerpts.

How did you come up with the name Flying Frongs

Keeping the films aside, I am an Ad film maker too. When I thought of floating my own production house, I did not want it to name like Ravi Babu productions etc. I wanted the name to be unique. Incidentally, I was watching National Geography channel at that time and saw a program titled Flying Tadpoles. I liked the title. But I did not like Tadpoles hence I replaced it with Frogs.

What is Anasuya about?

Anasuya is a crime drama (thriller). It is the story of an undercover journalist. What problems she faced and how she resolved them is the plot. I can assure the audience that the film will not disappoint them. At this point, I would prefer not talking about the film but will let the film do the talking.

What inspired you to make Anasuya?

Normally, I think of a line for the film. I take my own time in developing the line into script. In this case, it shaped up into a good script. I never made a film with female protagonist. Here this script shaped up that way. So we decided to take it to the floors.

The ad released for the film is good. Somehow it feels as if it is inspired from a Hollywood film

The ad is filled with good technical values and so is the film. I will assure you that the movie is not a copy to anything. It is very original. The promo video released got reviews that it is on par with any Hollywood ad.

Present directors are talking more of technical values and try to prove that in the film. What is your comment?

I cannot comment on this. The reason is that every one will have their own perspective and passion. The director will have a vision and he is executing it as per his vision. I am no one to comment on their mode of thinking and their films. But one thing is for sure - story and script are always the pillars of the film. Usually films fails due to lack of proper script or narration but not because of bad sound or bad effects.

How did you zero on Bhumika for this role?

I did not pick her for this film. She picked her role.(laughs).

Can you elaborate?

After I am done with the script, I approached Bhumika to do a guest role. She agreed to do guest role but wanted to know the entire story ahead of time. I narrated the story to her. After couple of days, she said she will do it but not the guest role. She wanted to do the main lead. I gave it a thought and I felt it would be appropriate. Things followed then.

We are running out of time for your flight. Last one here. Any thing that you want to say to TT visitors

Thank you for all the support. I assure one and all that Anasuya will not disappoint anyone. It has got good script and excellent technical values in it. I thank all my team for their efforts they put in for this film.

Interviewed by Phani

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