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20 Apr 2014
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Raviteja is one star who traveled hard way to the star status. Status achieved in such manner prevails forever. He continues to enjoy the acceptance of the audience as both a star and an actor.
His rugged look and dialog delivery has taken him straight into the masses and youth.

Raviteja is presently working in Ramgopal Varma, Suresh Kondeti's production SHOCK directed by Harish Shankar. Jyothika and Tabu are also in the film. January 26th is the birthday of Raviteja. Here is an interview with Raviteja.

You are named as the favorite actor by creative directors like Krishnavamsi, Puri Jagannath, Ramgopal Varma etc. How does it feel being named so?

Just great. Krishnavamsi is the first to realize me an actor. Puri Jagannath put his trust in me and gave
me the chance to be a solo hero. They are the two who made me stand as an actor. Ramgopal Varma now gave me "SHOCK".

It is a dream for many to act in Varma's project. Did you try that before?

Of course. I tried like any thing during the time of Kshana Kshanam. I always had the confidence
of getting into his film. But it did not happen then. It was tough.

You were assistant director before. Did you try working with Ramgopal Varma then?

I did not get a chance. By the time I got into assistant director shoes, Ramgopal Varma moved to Mumbai. I used to visit Varma corporation after I joined Krishnavamsi as assistant director.

As you said before, you tried hard to work with him. Now he is making a film with you. How do you feel about that.

Before Sindhuram, Varma did not even know who Raviteja is. During Sindhuram days, I saw him almost on regular basis. After Sindhuram, he could recognize me. He appreciated me after watching Idiot. After that, if I was ever in Mumbai, I met him. In this process, one day he told me the shock point and here we are now.

You have the image of a commercial hero where as Ramgopal Varma has the name for typical films. What are the audience to expect from Shock?

Ramgopal Varma provided the story for the film. Harish Shankar is the one who developed the point. There will be this
feel of a Varma movie but it is a total Harish Shankar film.

How acquainted are you with Harish?

Harish worked for the film Veede. He came along with Kona Venkat to narrate the story. My first impression was that he
is a good director. He has a clear vision and confidence. Later on he worked for Autograph also. We were in regular touch from then on. When Ramgopal Varma briefed the SHOCK concept, I introduced Harish to Varma. Things rolled on.

Your getup looks class in Shock. Will it satisfy the mass audience?

Shock has all commercial ingredients. It is not a horror movie nor a thriller as the name might sound. It is an out and out commercial movie.
So it is not targeted for class or mass but for all sects of audience.

How different is Shock from your other films.

Hmm..Autograph is one kind of a different film and then Shock falls in the same league. There is revenge, and intensity. Harish designed the commercial and class elements in a novel style.

Though Autograph got good reviews. It did not click at the box office. What could have been the reasons?

Probably image.

Will you consider doing such films given this image problem.

When we look back, there should be a few films to talk about. So if I get such different concepts, I will back out on them. The fate is irrelevant here.

What are the shocking elements in Shock?

You have to talk to RGV or Harish. I am not going to reveal anything now.

Are you doing double role in Rajamouli's film?

That is suspense for now.

Do you intend to turn to direction?

It is in cards. But not right now.

We thank Raviteja for giving us time and we wish him a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

Interviewed by Phani

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