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23 Apr 2014
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Reema Sen

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Chit chat with Reema Sen

Reema Sen is doing selected films in Tamil and they are proving to be great hits at Tamil box office. Recent one to be added to that list is
Pogaru (Thimiru in Tamil) with Vishal in the lead. Here is a chit chat with Reema Sen about the film.

How are you taking the success of Pogaru?

Very very happy. Original version Thimiru is also a big hit in Tamil. So it is a double gift. I was the heroine in Vishal's debut movie Chellame. That film is hit in Tamil and also is a hit in Telugu as Premachadarangam. This is my second film with Vishal.

Compared to Challame, you did not have much prominent role in Pogaru?

To be honest, yes. But Challame is a different movie. That is totally based on the heroine. In fact, you can call it as a heroine-oriented film. So, by the demand of the story, my character had more depth. But Pogaru is a out and out mass entertainer. And this is hero based one. You know, I was amazed to see Vishal in Sanje Kodi (Pandem Kodi). He did the mass role with such ease. Also, I am always in praise for
Vishal's dances. He is a tall guy and usually it is tough for tall guys to prove grace with dances. I saw such grace in Prabhas and in Vishal.

I was comparing your role with Sreya Reddy's.

You see, negative sort of roles always get good appreciation when done right. And Sreya Reddy did a good job. But for the film, my role is
the pillar. That you got to accept (laughs).

You were big in Telugu after Chitram, Manasanta Nuvvue. And then you were out of here suddenly. Why?

I did a total of 10 films in Telugu altogether. After Manasanta Nuvve, I did not have a hit in Telugu. At the same whatever I did in Tamil
were big hits. I did not have a single flop in Tamil. It is not true that I am overlooking Telugu or anything of that sort. If I get good
offers, I will definitely pursue it.

Though it is long ago, can you tell us how you got into Chitram film?

It is a long story. I was doing an ad film in Mumbai then. Director Teja came to Mumbai in search of heroins. He confirmed on one but is not fully satisified. He got to know about me and called me for a quick screening. We missed each other for about 4 times. At last, I got to meet him. He narrated the entire story and also said that the film has budget constraints and so every artist will be paid only 11000 Rs. By then I already have a good offer in Tamil. But I liked the story of Chitram. So I told Teja that if he confirmed me as the heroine, I will drop the Tamil film and he said you are confirmed.

What are your present projects?

Vallavan with Simbhu.

Buzz is that Simbhu and you are having a tough time.

Nothing like that. Simbhu is genius. He is a child prodigy. You know that he is the director of Vallavan. So there might be few scenes that one might not totally agree with him. Those are all minor and they get washed away immediately. I am playing a dream role in this movie. I am playing a psychopath. It came out very good.

Is it true about the love rumors with you and Vishal?

You called it rumors right. I second that they are rumors. Vishal is a good friend of mine. Nothing more than that. You know, probably Chennai media might be writing now that I am getting married to Vishal here in Chennai and fact is I am right in front of you.

Reema Sen has done 25 films so far and she is enjoying amazing career in Tamil. We wish her all the best and thank her for the time.

Interviewed by Phani

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