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20 Apr 2014
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Exclusive interview with Sharwanand

Amma Cheppindi schedules in USA

Sharwanand made his debut into the industry 3 years ago. He started out as a hero with the film 5va Thariku. The movie did not help him anyway. He appeared in many roles after that including lead supporting role in Yuvasena, anti-hero
in Vennela, short role in Shankar Dada, brother of Venkatesh in Sankranti, Laxmi, friend of Sumanth in Gowri etc.

This is the second time TotalTollywood caught up with Sharwanand. The first time we spoke to him was before the film 5va
thariku released. His attitude shows the experience he has gained over the last few years. Almost all the films (exception is his first film) that he appeared are good hits (Gowri, Yuvasena, Sankranthi, Shankar Dada MBBS, Laxmi). When asked about if he feels sentimental about it, he says, "There might be. To me, they are good films and good opportunities".

Amma Cheppindhi is releasing on 28th and his publicity team (lead by his friends and brother Kalyan) started a novel email campaign on the film. Also, his other film Veedhi is releasing on 5th August. Here is an exclusive talk with Sharwanand.

Tell us about your role in Amma Cheppindi

I am playing Bose in the film. It is a very challenging and tough role. I am not just saying that. You will know it when you see me on screen. I worked for about 2 months on this role. What Bose stands for is his belief in a person and how he stands against all odds with that belief. The film has every thing - comedy, emotions etc.

Seems like similarity in your role with Swathimutyam?

Not at all. This is a whole different angle and this cannot be compared with any other movies. This is a concept that is
untouched todate. As we are saying, "Ilanti cinema prathi samvatsaram radhu". Amma Cheppindi will be a entire family entertainer.

How did you get into this project?

You wont believe this. I gave a screen test for this film. Gangaraju garu and his wife Urmila really appreciated the fact that I am ready to give the screen test. They saw Vennela film and called me to discuss the project. They were very hesitant to ask me about the screen test. When I myself putforth the thought that they could take my screen test, they appreciated the fact. I got a day to do the screen
test, which is a very short period. I did 2 scenes. And I got in. I should thank Gangaraju garu for this opportunity. Also, I thank Urmila Gunnam (producer) for putting complete trust in me for this role.

You said the role was challenging. In what terms?

I have to make sure that I am not overacting. I have to get offers after this film. I want to show a good actor in me to the audience and film makers. So I have to make sure that the character is played well to the audience. Though I gave the screen test, I was nervous until the production is completed. Luckily, I did not feel that tensed up when I was doing the scenes.

The team is very cooperative. We lived like a family. I was called as Bose by every one in the team. Even today, the team members call me Bose. I am a director's hero. What I mean to say is I do not rate my performance. If the director is okay with the scene, I am okay with it too. And Gangaraju garu is deft at getting what he wanted. Also, my research for 2 months on this role helped me a lot.

What research?

That is a secret.

The director is all in praise for you. What is your experience working with Gangaraju?

He is a genius. He is filled with ideas. In a fraction of a second, he can come up with a whole bunch of ideas. You will
be surprised at his creative and innovative thoughts. He always surprises you. It is fantastic working with him and is a great experience.

How was it acting with senior actors like Suhasini etc?

I did not have that fever. Having played short roles in films with Chiranjeevi garu, Venkatesh garu, I am over the fever of playing with senior artists.

Suhasini is a great actress. On sets, she is very encouraging. Her suggestions always were very nice. She put them in a
way that they do not sound like suggestions but as if she was saying some improvisations. So her suggestions were very encouraging.

After making debut as a hero, why did you jump into supporting roles?

Even I would want to continue as a hero. After all, I debuted as hero. However I do not have regrets about what I did. Let me explain. After my debut film as hero, I saw the film and noted that there is a good chance for improvement. And also, I was not getting any offers either. Raviteja, Srikanth started first on small notes. So I took the path of improving myself as an actor first. Do more roles. Get more experience. Now a days, every one is becoming a hero. I want to be recognized as an actor first. Gowri, Sankranti, Yuvasena and other films helped me a lot. I could work on different emotions, try various expressions etc.

I got an offer to do solo hero when I was doing Sankranti. But I did not want to deviate from the strategy. And also, the film has a new producer and a new director. Concept is not great either. I am not against doing a film with new director and producer. But you see, I need a guiding factor at this point and could not go on completely naive projects.
No one will come to the theater to see my face doing a super hero role. I need a good producer or good director or strong character roles around me.
Though I got about 4 offers on all complete new projects, I did not embark on themvfor those very same reasons. My judgement proved right (referring to the fate of those films). I am very lucky to have got both Amma Cheppindi and

The market is very competetiv for upcoming artists. There are so many new faces. What gives you the confidence?

Confidence in myself and my skills. With that very confidence, I am offering screen test to every producer and director who are considering me for their films. See, if God got me here to this point (Amma Cheppindi and Veedi), I believe he will take me to some place.

You seem to have a strategy. How come your films are releasing at the same time?

It is not in my hands. I am not yet in a position to be controlling the release of my films. I am a part of cast in the film. My job is to act. It is the business of the production teams to plan and release the films. It would have been good if they released with a gap. Even this works good for me. Veedhi is a total mass film. Audience will get to see the
difference I tried to put up in these two characters. They wont believe that these two films are done by one person (laughs).

What is Veedhi about?

Veedhi and Amma Cheppindhi are two contrast films. Amma Cheppindi is a soft and sweet film while Veedhi is a mass film. I am saying this in terms of my character. In Veedhi, I have typical hero kind of mould - fights, dances etc. Both are good films. Dorairaj, who directed Dhum, directed Veedhi. Gopika is the heroine. This is second film we are acting together. In our earlier film Yuvasena, she is the heroine but not my heroine (laughs). She is a good artist to work with. Ushakiran movies is a reputed banner and the banner name itself speaks for the quality of the film.

Your upcoming projects?

Waiting for these two films to come out and bring me some good projects. Frankly, I dont have any projects in hand at this point. I am hearing a subject right now.

You got trained in acting before you entered the industry and in our previous interview (before the first film released), you said that training is absolutely necessary. Now you feel confident with experience. So do you still suggest training before getting into films. My point is did this experience change your point of view?

Experience definitely makes you better. But I would still suggest training. Training is theory and the experience you gain is practical. You will need both to become perfect.

Do you browse a lot?

Not much. In my free time, I go out with friends, movies, dance classes and jogging. I rarely get on the net. But when I
do, I go to TotalTollywood.

Thank you for visiting TotalTollywood

No.. Thank you. TotalTollywood is a very good site and what I applaud is the way you guys encourage the new talent. I really appreciate what you are doing and hope you will continue the same support for all new comers.

We wish all the best to Sharwanand with both his releases Amma Cheppindi and Veedhi. He promised some more time after the release of the two films. Stay tuned.

Interviewed by Visu

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