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20 Apr 2014
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Srinu Vaitla

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Srinu Vaitla

Srinu Vaitla is one name which is running good in the industry circles now. There are a lot of expectations on his upcoming film Dubai Seenu that is slated to release this Thursday (7th June). The reason is that his recent film Dhee proved to be a superhit film and also his last film with Raviteja - Venky - is a good runner at the box office.

TotalTollywood caught up with Srinu Vaitla. Here are the excerpts.

what is the Latest on Dubai Seenu?

Censor was completed on 3rd June. We secured a clean U certificate and not even a single cut was suggested. I am very happy about it because that proves the film is a wholesome family entertainer.

Any particular reason for the title Duba Seenu?

Hero's name is Seenu. His ambition is to go to Dubai and he always lives in that dream. So everyone refers to him as Dubai Seenu. The film is about the circumstances he gets into during his pursuit of going to Dubai. It is suspense at this point on if he finally made it to Dubai (laughs). I can assure one thing. There will be nonstop entertainment from the start to finish.

The story that you said for Dubai Seenu feel similar to Venky with a little difference. Isn't it?

NO. There is absolutely no relevance in Venky and Dubai Seenu. Just because the hero characters in both the films have ambitions of going places doesn't mean that the story line is the same. For that matter, every hero in any film will have an ambition. You will understand the difference when you watch the film.

What are the locales that you covered for this film?

Dubai, Europe, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Train episode is highlight in Venky. Are there any such scenes in this film?

Absolutely. In Venky, train episode was said to be the highlight. In Dubai Seenu, it will be tough to judge on which episode the best is. I don't want to reveal anything now but there are specific episodes in this film too. In Venky, the first half was entertaining and I failed to some extent in continuing the same in the second half. In this film, I took good care and made sure that I did not repeat that mistake.

Tell us about the music for this film

Audio of Dubai Seenu is a big hit. We took good care in brining them good on screen. Songs go as part of narration in this film. They won't be speed breakers. There are 2 mass numbers and the rest four are situational songs with a concept. They will surpass the Dhee songs.

Keeping aside the entertainment part, what else are the highlights in the film?

There is fantastic action, good emotion and a nice love story. It has all ingredients. Audience will always have curiosity on what is going to happen next. I am very confident on the way screenplay worked out for this film.

What is Nayanatara's role?

She is not just a glamour doll in this film. She has got a very important role. She palyed Madhumathi - a radio jockey. You will have to watch the film to know how Madhumathi met Dubai Seenu.

Did you expect Dhee to become such a big hit?

I was in full confidence about that film. The producer (Mallidi Satyanaraya) disappeared after 38 days of shooting. He abandoned the project and went away without notice. I decided to do the film myself. But then the producer was in lot of debt and the chances are bleak about the release of the film even if I completed the production with my own money. In spite of all these hurdles, I had only one thing in mind. I want to see the final rush. I want to see the film I started. I don't care if it released or not. So I went ahead and completed the movie with money from my pocket. First copy came out and I was extremely happy about the way the film came out. And that's what mattered to me.
However, many from the industry saw the film and were in full praise of it. There is a special thing about Dhee. The film came out to screen by itself. No one backed it. You know, the film cleared the debts of the producer and then released. In a word, it came out from Padmavyuham with flying colors.

Who is enjoying the fruits of Dhee then?

Those who lent money to the producer (laughs). None of the financiers who gave money to Satyanarayana expected to recover the amount. But he is debt free now. Producer reaped the benefits of the film. I lost my money. I knew it from before but still I went ahead and completed it. It is all due to the passion I have for the films and the confidence I had in my script. I didn't have much before coming into films. Whatever I have now is purely due to films and I will always give it back to the films.

Amidst all this, you still went ahead and started Dubai Seenu. How was that possible?

That is my nature. I don't take anything that serious. If it had to happen, it will happen. I am gifted with that nature. That very jovial nature is seen in my films too.

We heard that even though your movies fare well at the boxoffice, they don't bring a dime to the producer because you go over the budget.

It is so not true. I realized that my films don't need much investment after I did Dhee. If you compare Venky and Dhee, Dhee has a rich look. Probably, some producers have some problems. Check out with Dannayya garu. He is happy that I finished the film less than what we planned for. I am not responsible for the personal financial woes of the producer. Instead of telling the financiers that they are not able to reimburse the money, they just say that I went over budget.

Sontham also went over the budget

Ya. But for that film every decision right from the story is taken by the producers themselves. After Anandam, I made up my mind that I am not apt for soft films. I narrated an action film to these producers. They wanted something like Nuvve Kavali. I had to do it to prove that success did not get to my head. I did the film as they wanted. And you wont believe it but I suggested producers not to spend that much money. It is the lack of understanding that led to the failure of the film. Even though I am doing entertainers, my personal taste lies with films like Black Friday etc.

What is your opinion on moves with big stars?

I never make stories with stars in mind. Exception is Chiranjeevi garu because it was my ambition to make a film with him. With his exception, I do not have any other ambition to direct any particular star. And at the same time I am not against directing big star. I decide cast per the requirement of the story.

What happened with Andarivadu?

As I said before, it was my ambition. Not only me, there are many directors in this industry whose ambition is to make a film with him. It is unfortunate that Andarivadu did not fare well. I still have strong inclination to make a film with him. Just one more (laughs).

Favotire directors and their effect on you

Mani Ratnam and Ramgopal Varma. If you admire someone, then some effect will always be there.

How did you convince Raviteja for this film?

Ravi has ample confidence in me and hence there is never such a situation where I have to convince him. He never questions me and that makes me more responsible. That is the reason why the output is fantastic when I work with him.

What is your next film?

For Sravanthi Films with Ram and Genelia in the lead. Film might start towards the end of July or beginning of August. I am very excited about the film though. It is a bigger scale project.

Any intentions to produce films?

No.. I am not a producer. I turned producer because I was forced to. I wanted to see Dhee on screen and hence I spent money on it.

We wish that Srinu Vaitla continues his success streak by delivering another hit with Dubai Seenu.

Interviewed by Phani

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