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19 Apr 2014
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Executive Producer - Tataji

There are many movie aspiring individuals. Some just keep hoping and some venture into it. Movie career is not always rosy. It is
a laborous process and tough achievement. But being there to get what you wanted is the most important thing. Here is a story on one
individual, who is now establishing in the industry.
Here is an exclusive interview of Adapa Satyanarayana alias Tataji.

Special Gallery of Tataji

Adapa Satyanarayana is a movie fanatic right from his childhood. He is a hardcore Megastar Chiranjeevi fan during his school times
and it continued with him to his engineering education too. During his engineering career, Tataji always appeared on the location of
Chiranjeevi films. Thanks to his links that he could trace the locations and made sure he never missed any. Chiranjeevi himself noticed
Tataji and also warned Tataji few times about not to be careless with education for the sake of fanatacism. Allu Aravind also chided him the same.
Though Tataji followed the word of Chiranjeevi and focused on his education, it is irresistable for him to visit the sets of Chiranjeevi.
He is always part of charity and other work done by Chiranjeevi fans. Noticing his staunch inclination to the filmdom, his parents suggested him
that he could make into movies but only after completing the degree. Completing his degree, Tataji entered the aspirations of many - Telugu Film

Phani got a chance to meet Tataji on the sets of Sinugadu.. Chiranjeevi fan. When asked about his career and his entry into this film as executive producer,
this is what came from Tataji.

My first thought was to produce a film. One director, who already got a name as commercial director, narrated the script to me. We okayed it.
However, the commitment demanded by the director made the project fall out. I have a great regard for the director and am a fan of him too.
I would have appreciated his demand if he had put it upfront when we planned the project. But he chose to reveal it in the last moment and that
really upset me. Today, I guess other producers heed to his demand.

During that time, I got an idea and thought of making a film with a famous sports women. She only plays a guest role though. I planned this film
Police Academy. But that didnot turn out into a project either.

Through my acquaintances, I got to know that director Jyothi Kumar has one subject with him. We sat together one day and finalized
the script. We liked the subject and hence started shooting.

The only experience I had before with filming is for a serial. During my engineering, I acted in a serial titled Kanneganti Haumanthu. This is about a
historic leader. My uncle SV Pardha Saradhi (President of Saradhi Group of Industries) produced this serial. That is all the experience I had
with any filming. However, my inclination is always with production than acting.

I have a great deal of respect for producer Allu Aravind. I spoke to Allu Aravind about my production. He was furious.
He suggested me that cinema production is not some kind of a lame game and it needed lot of understanding
and implementation. He even adviced me that I should use my degree and get a job for myself.
However, his good words didnot get into my mind at that time
and my interest in movies forced me to go ahead with the project.

That's how my first project, in the direction of Jyothi Kumar, took off. I am the producer of that film. I lost heavily in that film. I am away from
most of my well-wishers and friends because of that. I lost both financially and socially. My lack of practical understanding
was the main reason. I was very young to be producing a film. I was about 22 when I produced the film.
I was able to bring the first copy with in 90 days of production, which is definitely an achievement for a new producer at that age.
My lack of business understanding became the primary hurdle. I completed business in most of the areas. But distributors
didnot fulfill their amounts on time and because of that I had to go for huge loss. It was Daraskaratna Dasari Narayana Rao, C Kalyan,
KL Narayana and Sudhakar Reddy who came to my rescue. They are like God to me. My friends stood by my side and supported me financially and
psycologically. Not even one of my relative came to me. Even my sister Swarna Sri faced some problems because of me.

Then came up on me the evalutaion of myself. I was suggested by my well-wishers to go and look for a job and to quit the industry.
Why should I? Is it that we can get involved into movies only if we have money? I decided that other producers or upcoming producers
should not face the same problem that I went through. So I turned to executive production.

Priya Cements president N.Radha Krishna Reddy helped me a lot in that regard. He supported me that I should not stop with initial failure.
He suggested that I continue my fight here and get what I wanted. He gave me the chance to do as executive producer for one film.
This is to get some experience. I learnt corporate accounting from him. I made him a film with least budget possible. That way, I am still
in this industry and making movies.

Presently I am the chief executive producer for Sinugadu Chiranjeevi Fan film. Audio of the film released recently. I thank all the celebrities
who attended the audio release function. First copy of this film will comeout shortly. Presently, dubbing and post-production work are going on.
First copy might comeout this month end. Akula Sriramulu of ASR Group of Educational Socieites is the producer and his son Akula Vijaya Vardhan
is the hero. Akula Sriramulu is a very nice man. I learnt patience and perseverance from him. I am learning new skills from every producer
I am working with. Vijaya Vardhan is a very talented artist. I am sure he will get busy after this film. Similarly, Radhakrishna (director),
Siva (music director) are a big asset to the team.

I am very happy that I got a chance to work for Sinugadu Chiranjeevi fan. Being a Chiranjeevi fan myself, I really enjoyed working for this film.
This movie will show the power the Chiranjeevi fans. I thank Swami Naidu of CCT for giving me this chance.
My next project will take off soon. Story discussions are going on. My NRI friends from US and UK will produce that film. We might go to sets
in the next month.

With that Tataji went back into the editing room. We wish Tataji all the success in his future endeavors.

Interviewed by Phani

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