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15 Apr 2014
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YVS Chowdary

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YVS Chowdary

Success and YVS Chowdary seem to be synonyms. Starting from Sri Sitaramula Kalyanam Chootamu Rarandi to recent Devadas, YVS Chowdary is continuing his success streak. In between, he launched his own production banner named Bommarillu and also established Yukta music. His dream project Okka Magadu is done with production and is getting ready to release on 11th of January. Here is a quick chat with YVS Chowdary, the producer and director of Okka Magadu starring Balakrishna, Anushka, Nisha Kotari and Simran.

What kind of movie is Okka Magaadu? What are its specialties?

Okka Magaadu is like typical South Indian spicy meals. I dont want to say anything more than that. There are good number of specialties to talk about in this film. You will appreciate after you watch it.

It seems it took a lot of time for completing this movie. Why?

We announced the project on August 9th, 2006. But, regular shooting started only from December 14th. Now, we are releasing this in January. It might seem that we took a lot of time. In reality, we are right on time. After the announcement of the title Okka Magaadu, I got sea of response from every nook and corner of the state. Not only the fans of Balayya, but all the general audiences have put high expectations on this film. They also have the confidence in me that I would do one of the best films. I have to justify their expectations. I totally concentrated for 200 percent perfection and I hope I succeeded.

Please tell us at what point of time and situation did Okka Magaadu take its birth?

In the film Seethaiah, heroine Simran gets away from home. When hero Harikrishna asks her what type of Man she wants, the reply comes: Anni Gunaalu Kaligina Okka Magaadu Kaavali. The song to this extent was tuned by MM Keeravani. The hit range of that film is known to everybody. In fact, before okaying the tune, I thought of NTR and readied a story. I also wanted to name the film as Okka Magaadu. Coming to hero, other than NTR, there is only person in my mind. That is definitely Balakrishna. During the post-productions works of Devadas, I went to Balakrishna and expressed my idea and ambition. The excitement got transferred from mine to Balayya. He immediately sanctioned the project. I am sure; had Balakrishna not accepted the project, it would never have seen the light even today. We went to different locations and extensively shot abroad. That's why delay factor would always be there.

You said it was only Balakrishna who ticked your mind when you wanted to do Okka Magaadu. Any particular reasons for that? What about your association with Balakrishna earlier?

Balakrishna surely inherited the prized legacy of Annagaru NTR. He holds the capacity to express all kinds of emotions with ease like his father. There is great flexibility in his histrionics. Coming to my association with NBK, I had worked for his films Aswamedham, Pattabhishekam and a few more. Several people will be asking me why I didn't make a film with him so far. I believe there should come a correct time for everything. Everything should connect at the right time. Receiving from the other end also counts a lot. Supposing I serve you the curry of brinjal when you want ladies finger, what would be your reaction? I worked hard to match the expectations of the audiences. The workmanship of the technicians counts a lot. At the same time, there is immense responsibility on the star who alone could take the message to the people.

How are you portraying NBK in this film?

Generally, any hero could get into perfection after working in six or seven films. How come our heroes could do hundreds of films. This and all depends on the imagination of the director. Each technician will have his range of innovation and creativity. When I released the photos of Balakrishna for Okka Magaadu, there was a furor all over the world and everybody felt that Balakrishna was very handsome. I felt extremely happy. It is because; I took every care in all the departments, particularly the costumes. Now, we have forgotten all our difficulties and awaiting the results with sea of expectations.

Can we expect any message from this film? It is widely felt that Okka Magaadu has flashes of NTR's autobiography?

I am not against giving messages through films. But, I believe more in entertainment. All my movies will be like that. Even if there is a message, it will be like sugar-coated tablet.
This film is purely a powerful idea from the mind of one called YVS Chowdary and nothing to do with criticizing anyone. Also, it has nothing to do with the life story of NTR. You will come to know about it after you watch the film.

Dr. Dasari said during the audio launch of Okka Magaadu that a dialogue in the film would make those who want to thrive in politics on caste basis would get ashamed. Please tell us about that and is there any political touch to NBK character?

I take a lot of care in dialogues department – as to what type of dialogue and when it has to be placed… Sometimes, we come out with a dialogue which gives one meaning to us and another to others. But, I have not resorted to degrade any particular individual, caste or creed in this film.

What is the main reason behind canning the song – devadi deva – in the backdrop of Rayalaseema?

People consider the hero as God in that film. So, I can't picturize that song in a narrow street or specially erected set. I wanted to can that song amidst the people of Rayalaseema, so I did it.

Previously you said Okka Magaadu would release on April 28, 2007? Why didn't it happen?

April 28th is one of the most favorite days for the fans of NTR. I too like that date, because it was on that particular day that Adavi Ramudu, the evergreen and all time blockbuster of NTR got released. So, I wanted to release the film on that date. But, man proposes, God disposes. Anyways, we are releasing the film now, with hundred percent satisfaction.

Gudiwada is your native place. It is heard that you bought a theatre there. You also wanted to release Okka Magaadu there first. What is your feeling?

It is great and beautiful. I can't express the feeling in mere words. Yes, I was born at Guntur. My father was a middleclass lorry driver. I left for Chennai when I was 19. I worked hard for several years. Whenever NTR films released at Guntur, I took part in doing milk abhishekam to the cutouts. Now, I own a theater there. Its name is Bommarillu A/C DTS. Okka Magaadu is going to be the first film to release in the theater.

Tell us about the Audio of Okka Magaadu.

The audio is liked by different people in different manners. People who think that OM is their film, all songs would be fine. For those who just want to see the film will like a couple of songs. I am getting several phone calls everyday about the audio. There are two types of audios. 1) As and when we hear the songs, they get into our brain. And 2) The songs slowly and steadily reach the target after continued listening. OM Audio has both the flavors. I am very happy about the audio's outcome. But, I am not happy also, because, I couldn't release the cassette through my Yuktha music. It happened due to delay factor and I thought the audio might not reach all sections if released through Yuktha. But, in future, I am going to release many more good audios through our company.

You have fielded a number of heroines? Are they just for glamour?

Certainly not. Anushka, Simram and Nisha Kothari play three different types of roles. Anushka and Nisha are very beautiful in this film with great performance. I don't need to say about Simran. She is simply superb.

Tell us your feelings as producer, director and distributor?

As a producer, I spent a lot of money on this project. As a director, I have done the film with great perfection. As a fan of NTR family, I am going to enjoy the film. As a distributor also, I am very happy.

Any special make-ups for Balakrishna? Any graphics to show NTR on the screen?

Really, we used special makeup for Balayya. Eeshwar designed the makeup while executed by Micheal West. Every care is taken to supervise the whole project. For applying the makeup it used to take about three hours and not less than one hour to remove it later. I am thankful to Balayya Babu for his cooperation and patience.

Tell us your confidence levels about its BO stamina?

To be frank, I don't have any belief in records. Moreover, records are not constant. If they come, I will be happy.

And finally, I wish all your browsers a Happy Pongal.

Interviewed by Phani

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