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Requirements for TT jukebox

Gift a song (Neerajanam)

Welcome to the Gift/dedicate a song section. If you received an email with a key and would like to view the details, either copy and paste the URL or enter the key below.
How exactly this works:
There is no magic. If you wish to gift/dedicate a song to your loved ones, just click on "Dedicate this song" link corresponding to the song. That is it. You can add a message to whoever you are dedicating the song. You will be given a unique id that you can use to view the dedication. Also you can choose to keep the message private, by checking in the privacy box, in which case, your message will not be displayed in the dedications list. For every entry, an unique id is created and is given to you, which can be used to retrieve your dedication. We hope you enjoy this new and nice feature.

See all the dedications in the public list
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