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NameVuppala Dadiyam Nagayya
BirthdayMarch 28th, 1904
NativeRepalle, Guntur (Dist)
Education -
Fast Facts• First movie - Gruhalakshmi 1938- Produced by H.M.Reddy
• He acted in more than 200 movies.
• He is the first telugu hero get Padmasri Award

Nagayya was born on 28-3-1904 in Repalle of Guntur dist. His given name is Vuppala Dadiyam Nagayya. Nagayya worked as a journalist before coming into movies. He won medals and accolades for the Chitrangi role he played in Saarangadhara organized by Ramavilas Sahba of Chittoor. Thats how he got his name Chittoor Nagayya. His last name became his middle name as people started refering to him as Chittoor V.Nagayya

Producer H.M.Reddy introduced Nagayya in Gruhalakshmi which released in 1938. In Gruhalakshmi he sang few songs which got him good name. H.M.Reddy and B.N.Reddy worked together and formed Rohini Pictures and made Gruhalakshmi on the same banner. After which they split and B.N.Reddy formed Vauhini Pictures in association with K. Ramnoth and A.K.Sekhar.

Impressed by Nagayya's talent and performance in Gruhalakshmi, B.N.Reddy introduced Nagayya as hero with Vandemataram in 1939. Nagayya composed the music also for Vandemataram. Nagayya has good knowledge of music. He learnt music in his childhood which he practised all through his life.

In 1940, he acted in B.N.Reddy's Sumangali. Again, he is the not the hero of the movie but played a role symbolising Veerasalingam pantulu. That shows his boldness in taking up challenging roles not caring for image. Following that he acted in movies like Devata, Bhagyalaksmi etc.

From 1938 untill 1973 he acted in more than 200 movies both in Telugu and Tamil. He was the highest paid Indian Actor in 1948 who charged 1 Lakh for Bakhyadali in Tamil.

Nagayya who played social roles until 1942 acted in Bhakta Potana after which he acted in many devotional movies. He lived the roles of Bhakta Potana, Thagayya and Yogi vemana such that he became a physical representation of these three characters in the minds of the people.

Nagayya is also a good singer and music director. He composed memorable music for movies like Baktha Pothana,Thyagayya,Yogi Vemana, Na Illu, Ramadasu, Swargaseema. He is the one who introduced Ghantasala Venkateswarrao with the movie Swargaseema as a singer .

Nagayya turned into production with the movie Bagyalakshmi in the direction of P.Pullareddy. He also produced and directed Thyagayya, Na Illu, Ramadasu. He suffered financially because of the movie Ramadasu.

After seeing his movie Thyagayya, The King of Mysore awarded him 101 gold coins and also a necklace in which his photo is attached. He is also honored by the Indian Government with Padmasri. He is the first Telugu hero to receive Padmasri award.

In his old age, Nagayya played character roles in the films Tenali Ramanna, Anarkali, Mooganomu, Poolarangadu, Panduranga Mahatyam and many more.

Nagayya became an idol for many actors and people in the film industry. He also became a lesson to the filmi industry people in money matters. Once the highest paid actor, due to his generosity and production ventures lost so much of money that he financially broke during his final days and had to live in a dire poverty working for just few hundreds.

His contributions to the films and his donations are never forgetten and will live as long as the Telugu Film Industry is there. This great soul passed away in 1973. May his soul rest in peace.

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