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20 Apr 2014
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A Wednesday
Movie Review : 3.75/5

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A Wednesday (02/09/08)
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Quality of films is growing consistently in Bollywood and some of the films are on par with Hollywood; be it technical or conceptual. A Wednesday, that is scheduled to release on 5th of September, falls in that league. The run time of the film is 1 hr 43 minutes. Neeraj Pandey's narration and screenplay glues the audience to the seat. The film has no formulaic ingredients such as songs, comedy etc. With electrifying performances from the cast, tight screenplay and unpredictable twists give the film the required boost.

Prakash Rathod (Anupam Kher) is police commissinor. One wednesday he gets an anonymous call warning of bombs planted at several places in the city and demanding release of 4 terrorists. Arif Khan (Jimmy Shergil), Jai Singh (Amir Bashar) are appointed to handle the case. Right at the moment when the terrorists are released, an unpredictable event happens. What is it and if the militants are really released should be seen on the screen.

Well! Casting has seasoned actors Anupam Kher and Naseerudhin Shah. Any thing that one talks about these two accomplished actors is less. Undoubtedly, the characters that these two handled in this film will find a place in their top films list. In fact, the way the character is moulded of Naseerudhin Shah in the film reminds of typical Morgan Freeman characters in Hollywood. Particularly in Climax, Naseerudhin's performance is mind blowing. Deepal Shah as TV reporter, seema Malik, Parthu, Veerendar Saxena and others did justice to their roles.

A while ago, Nasserudhin Shah commented that he immediately accepted this role as he did not find this kind of character in the recent years. The credits given to Neeraj Pandey by Nasserudhin Shah and Anupam Kher turn into reality on screen. Excellent script and similarly marvellous narration complimented by apt dialogs, cinematography and scintillating background score, crisp editing make this film a must watch.

Overall, with the finest actors of Indian Cinema, Immensely talented writer and director delivered a honest film.

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