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20 Apr 2014
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Ankit Pallavi & Friends
Movie Review : 3/5

Ankit Pallavi & Friends
StoryHari Yeleti
Screenplay Hari Yeleti
DirectionHari Yeleti
CameraMalini Dasari
MusicVinu Thomas
Producer Kishore Ganji, Raghu, Hari Yeleti, J.Venkatesh
Banner Innovision
Reviewed onSep-05-2008
*ing: Nikhil, Megha Burman, Naresh, Sita
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Movie Review
Average User rating:

Ankit Pallavi and Friends, as the title suggests, is a youth entertainer. Well! That is the present trend too. Hari Yeleti, who made debut as director, seems to have taken off from Sekhar Kammula left in Happy Days. Happy Days film portrays the life of a group of Engineering going students. Hari takes it from there and shows that life can enjoyed after college too. And Hari took 5 characters to etch out his ponit. Every human being wants to enjoy an accomplished life and what the 5 friends did to reach that point is all Ankit Pallavi and Friends about.

Ankit (Nikhil), Pallavi (Megha), Raja (Surya), Gopi (Pradeep), and Sunil (venu) are friends. They all are in the same neighbourhood. All the 5 have different characters and their own way of looking at life. Ankit always looks at enjoying to that moment. He wants to become a music director in life. Gopi aims at going abroad after Engineering. Raja is a kind hearted person who will jump to the service of anyone and Sunil is in a state of confusion waiting for his father to start his business. Ankit and Pallavi are in love. On one particular clash of egoes, Ankit and Pallavi part ways. What did Ankit do? Did he win his love? Watch it on the screen.

Performance wise, Nikhil has lot of ease. He showed ample of it in Happy Days and he proves it yet again here. His dialog timing, expressions all are original. However, smoking and drinking scenes seemed a bit artificial. Megha Burman is content in her role. But she delivers good performance when she realizes her mistake. Among all the friends, Sunil's role generated good comedy.

Good aspect in the film is that comedy is all interleaved in the film. No seperate tracks, no deviation from the original plot. Comedy track among the friends saying Murder for 100 Rs and Kiss for 100 Rs will generate good laughs. Also, the director drives home the point on the present trend of music.

Vinu Thomas's music is good. Vocals in Dost he Dost are supressed by the music. Nalo Pranama song is pleasing to ears. Dialogs are good at times.

Even though this is his first film, Hari Yeleti did a good job with direction. Characterizations and his perspectives on commitment, patience and love are narrated situational. Overall, the film is decent entertainer and will cater to A center. How it will fare in B,C centers should be seen.

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User Reviews
Total number of reviews - 5

Ankit Pallavi Friends 1 star rating
by anon user on 2008-09-13

I would advise all the youth not to watch this movie at all. Compared to Ankit Pallavi and Friends. You can watch Happy Days in your home.Each character and performance of Happy Days was far superior. Tamanna was the best among the cast of Happy Days as said by your previous review. The movie has no story and the performances are very bad. Rajesh character of Happy Days was far better but here his character as Ankit fais totally. And the rest of the performances are not upto the mark. The movie will be a boxoffice disaster. Ankit Pallavi and Friends deserve 1 star rating from the audiences. Save your money and time.

Ankit Pallavi Friends 1star rating
by anon user on 2008-09-10

Ankit Pallavi and Friends dir by Hari Yeleti should be serverly criticized by saying that he has made Happy Days Sequel which is rubbish. Happy Days was a cult and far superior film than Ankit Pallavi and Friends. Every performance in Happy Days was superb. Especially Tamanna who walked away with maximum credit and stardom. Post Happy Days she is flooded with offers but has chosen two films featuring with Mahesh Babu in Varudu and Siddarth in Koncham Isham and Kocham kashtanga. Coming to Ankit Pallavi and Friends its a total diasaster in all deparments. The movie has no story nor any engrossing moments. Its total waste of time and money. Better luck next time for Hari Yeleti. The movie deserves 1 star rating and will be a boxoffice disaster. Save your money.

Ankit Pallavi Friends 1 star rating
by anon user on 2008-09-09

Ankit Pallavi and Friends is a total disaster movie. Thers no story at all. Movie is very bad Dont watch the movie at all. Save your time and money. Avoid the movie totally. Disappointing in all departments. The movie deserves 1 star rating from the audiences. At the boxoffice. Ankit Pallavi and Friends would be a disaster. Dont waste your time and money i repeat it again.

Ankit Pallavi and friends
by anon user on 2008-09-06

Very bad movie the movie gets 2/5 disappointing movie it will flop at the boxoffice. Please save your money.

not apf its apf ( attar plof film)
by anon user on 2008-09-05

not apf its apf ( attar plof film)

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