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18 Apr 2014
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Movie Review : 3/5

Screenplay Uday Sankar
DirectionUday Sankar
Producer Suresh Babu
Banner Suresh Productions
Reviewed onAug-14-2008
*ing: Krishna, Anushka, Raviteja
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Movie Review
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Agreed that even though the trends are changing in what audiences are looking for in films, having a traditional system still imbibed into the culture gives a room to sentimental movies. That would work as long as there is novelty in how it is presented. Udayshankar earlier delivered a hit for Suresh Productions with Kalisundam raa. Now the director is back on the same production banner with Baladoor. Even though the story suits the body language of Raviteja very well, narration suffers. Lag, predictable narration and patched up sequences pull down interest.

Chanti (Raviteja) is the son of Purushotham (Chandramohan). However,he is more attached to and supported by his uncle Ramakrishna (Krishna). Raviteja is a good hearted by reckless guy. A few incidents lead to Purushotham kicking his son out. Several things follow in Chanti's home that leads to the death of Chanti's father, his uncle losing status etc. How Chanti becomes responsible and solves the issues forms the story.

Raviteja is impressive in his role. Anushka is pretty much limited to her song numbers. Other than saying that she is grown up by 13 years, she has nothing much to do in the film. Brahmanandam's character is a bit over done. As a mechanic shed owner, his first scenes are impressive. But anything in overdose is tough to take and that is what happens with his role too. Sunil did his part to content and raises few laughs.

In one of the scenes, Raviteja narrates a story to the children. He starts out 'anaganana oka raju.. aa raju ki'. He is quickly interrupted by the kids who say that is old generation story and then the kid goes on to narrate a thrilling story. This scene being in the film, director is totally aware that interesting narration only could keep the audience; be it kids or adults. some how that is what seem to be missing in Baladoor. Several scenes in the film cannot be touched with logic. Hero realizing the goons who behaved bad with his sister-in-law even though no one tells him that; being stabbed several times, hero fights cinematically in the climax; And the list can go on.

Overall, Baladoor could have been a better film if narration is not old styled.

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User Reviews
Total number of reviews - 5

by anon user on 2008-08-21

waste movie of telugu industry

by anon user on 2008-08-14

thokkalo story varsham lo vella waste movie, comedy ok 2nd half xxxla unde , krishna acton is waste vadiki movies inka avasaraam ledu, it may be average becoz 20 rs audinecs e lanto movies ni adistaru....

by anon user on 2008-08-15

Really good

it is good
by anon user on 2008-08-15

it is good movie. we can see one time atlease without any bore.even through it is little dragging as said by reviewer.howerer the music by Radha krishna is good.

by anon user on 2008-08-26

Average movie..good to see Krishna after longtime

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