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24 Apr 2014
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Movie Review : /5

Reviewed onApr-20-2007
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Classmates (20/04/07)
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Classmates is based on Malayalam superhit film Classmates directed by Lal Jose. Story line has good potential. The producer and director of this film were planning another project while they came upon this film and decided to do this film in Telugu. That should explain the strength in the film. However, the execution could have been better.

It is during the reunion of one batch of classmates that the film revolves around. Ravi (Sumanth), Murali (Sharwanand), Rajeswari (Sada), Satish (Ravi Varma) and Baddu (Sunil) are from the same batch in the college. The entire batch reunites after 10 years by the efforts of the college principal Chandramohan (Kota) and this is to pay their tribute to Murali on whose name a music hall is constructed. Ravi and Murali were rival leaders in the college back then. Ravi falls for a girl Rajeswari. One day every one is shocked to hear that Murali died last night. The next day Ravi leaves college without informing anyone and even not appearing for final examinations. It is only after this 10 years that the batch has seen face to face with any one and
are discussing what happened back then. That night when the classmates are resting in Hostel, some one tries to strangle Ravi.Who did it and why? Watch it on big screen.

Sumanth, Sunil, Chandramohan, Sada, Ravi Varma, kamalini, Siva Reddy, Tanikella Bharani, Uttej, Giribabu, Sudha - all of the actors did their best in the given scope and role. Though Kamalini did not have many dialogs in the film she did very well at few instances. Usual expectations is to see comedy from Sunil but in this film he has got a good character. It is Sumanth, Sada and
Ravi Varma who appear most of the screen time. The rest of the cast did not have much prominence. However, Sharwanand did a role that turns the plot of the film. He did a very good job in the role of Murali. Also, Ravi Varma did nice in his partial villainy role.

DIalogs by Abburi Ravi are okay. Camera by Hari Anumolu, editing by Srikar Prasad and music by Koti are content. Koti fails to impress with rerecording.

Classmates has got excellent story line. However, the narration could have been better in the first half which goes on kind of slow and gives a feel of watching a serial. Second half is very good. The film runs with good twists and fast paced narration.

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