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18 Apr 2014
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Gabbar Singh
Movie Review : 3.5/5

DirectionHarish Shankar
MusicDevisri Prasad
Reviewed onMay-11-2012
*ing: Pawan Kalyan, Sruthi Hasan
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Gabbar Singh (11/05/12)
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Movie Review
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Gabbar Singh sees Pawan Kalyan coming back in full form and energy to entertain and enthrall from start to end. Kudos to Harish Shankar in realizing what exactly is expected of Pawan by the audience in terms of entertainment and catering to the same.

First and foremost, it did not feel like a movie but a feast for Pawan fans. His energy, dialog timing, costumes, mannerisms etc. everything goes back to Kushi times or a little more than that. What else would the fans want? Now, the director, with his deft handling, extends this to all segments of audience and that is where he proved his skill.

Gabbar Singh is the remake of Bollywood film Dabaang. Although the baseline of the story stayed the same, few changes were incorporated. Most of the characters were cut down to make it a complete show of Pawan. Comedy and dialogs are one of the highlights of the film. Most notably the anthakshari that comes in the second half, comedy by Brahmanandam stand out. One of the other highlights is are the songs. They are fantastic. Although Kevvu Keka song did not come on par with Munni song either visually or music, overall it is good.

Energetic songs, engaging comedy carry through the first half, even though there is not much in terms of content. Second half gets into a little story mode.

Sruthi Hasan looked good as long as she did not talk or emote. Kota, Nagineedu, Ajay, Suhasini and others did well in their roles.
Music by Devi Sri is good. Camera by Vincent is superb.

Not so etched characters, patchy screenplay might be the on the downside. But they vanish in the charismatic flow of Pawan Kalyan, comedy, music, dialogs and timing.

Bottom line, Gabbar Singh is an out and out entertainer. It will keep you engaged, makes you laugh and entertains you.

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