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24 Apr 2014
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Movie Review : /5

Reviewed onMar-16-2007
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Jagadam (16/03/07)
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The environment you grow up will have a strong influence on the mindset. Every human has good and bad in him, and these characters come out only when provoked. These points are nicely adapted for Sukumar's Jagadam. Though the director says that he used the thoughts of Sigmund Froid, the film also seems to have the story line of City of God. Many directors have tried to adapt and remake that but only with little success. However, Sukumar made a small point from that into an interesting narration with his tight screenplay.

Coming to the story, Seenu (Ram) grows up in a world where it is goonds rule the roost. Even his master who is respected by one and all salutes to Manikyam (Pradeep Rawat). He is quite fascinated with such stature and his
passion for violence increases. Seenu always dreams of becoming a hunchman for Manikyam and even tries for that. Fate has
it that he has to turn against Manikyam. What are the reasons and what are the repurcussions should be seen on the screen.

'Fantastic, elegant' and other such words can be used for Ram in this film. If he proved his ease in Devadas, he proved every thing else in this film. And his styles and mannerisms are also totally different in this film. He has a full positive energy and it could be seen in all the songs and action sequences. Also, he seemed as a seasoned artist in the second half emotional scenes. Isha is okay in her role. She looked good at times.

Director AS Ravikumar Chowdary played the right hand to Pradeep Rawat. They both are good in their roles. Seenu's friends batch also did good. Saranya, Raghubabu as the parents of Seenu are content in their roles. Though Prakhasraj and Thanikella Bharani appear in short roles, they are effective.

Storyline and script are very good, and screenplay is tight. Dialogs are also penned by Sukumar and they are a big asset to the film. Sukumar picked a variety subject for his second film. Many scenes are very novel and Sukumar's hardwork will not go unnoticed. However, the consistent feel he could bring in Arya is somewhat missing in this film.

Technically, Ratnavelu's camera work is top notch and is a big asset to the film. Devisri is good with his music. Both songs and rerecording are done very apt. Stunts by Vijay and editing by Srikar Prasad are also good. Production wise, the makers did not seem to compromise anywhere. They get 100 percent in that category. Every frame has that rich look.

Jagadam has more youth elements than Arya and that might be positive and negative for the film. The reason is that Arya was embraced by both family and youth alike. It has to be seen how this film with complete youth elements will be received by the family audience. Also, the timing of the release only comes clash with the targeted audience given the fact that most of the youth will be either occupied with exams or cricket. Good publicity might do the trick, after all.

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