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21 Apr 2014
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Movie Review : /5

Reviewed onDec-03-2005
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Movie Review
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It is yet again a faction-ridden conception. Swamy (Srihari) is the victim of it as his parents are ruthlessly lifted out of the world by a factionist-group during his childhood the stage so set in the backdrop of Rayalaseema.

The grown-up Swamy returns with vengeance (naturally) and kills the murderer of his parents. The foothold is gained by another factionist Bhaskar (Subbaraju). Inmate of Charapally central jail, he dictates terms at his will and wish to his stooges and gets things done. "I can do anything to avenge the killing of my mentor", he declares so and continues to plot for the murder of Swamy. In the meanwhile, Swamy brings up an orphan Shankar (Sumanth), who in turn stays loyal to him like Nandi to his master Shiva. True to the coloring of the Telugu movie in the last two decades, Sandhya (Anushka), sister of Swamy takes an eye for Shankar. A freakily-written letter spoils the mood and sows the seed of misunderstanding between the duo. Bhaskar is hell bent to manipulate the stalemate between them. How the labyrinth is busted to a straight climax forms the rest of the story.

Srihari, who continues to rule the roost with his seemingly main-kick-like role after "Nuvvosthanante Nenoddantana" dons a similar characterization! He rips the screen in the first half with routine stunts akin to his demand.

Sumanth, takes the lead from his god-father (Srihari) and fulfils his job in the second half. However, as a protagonist, he holds little punch, leaving much to Srihari. Over all, these two characters work out the mass-elements to a clean finish in the movie.

Anushka is gorgeous with her well-cut figure and near-to-nativity mannerisms.
The villains played by Subbaraju and others are adequate. It seems the comedians have taken up their responsibility according to the script rather than with their souls, thus leaving the department treated half-heartedly.

The story is a direct mix of various bits from the recently-released factionist-backdrop movies right from Indra down to Badra. Its lack of individual initiation is very much glaring. Narration suffers from glut.
Coming to screenplay and direction by Samudra, they are just maintained without caring for the audience viewpoint. The two halves don't sink naturally, which factor worked out to a spell of boredom in the theatre.

The songs department would appeal to the audiences with mixed approach. But for a couple of melody numbers, the rest pales into tedium, leaving not much praise for Kamalakar's job.
Stunts master Kanal Kannal seems to have worked extra time to brew the matter, which reflects through stretched-out exercises on the screen; and the audience who might ignore this is seldom found.

The taste of the director in selection of the locations in tune with the title stands for appreciation. Dialogues are in artificial flavor. Cinematography is Okay. Graphics are done in mediocre taste. The movie, which created a sort of stir in the initial days of its post-production, disappoints. But for Srihari and Sumanth's performance, there is very little left for the audiences to spare for the movie.

Reviewed by Nandini

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