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19 Apr 2014
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Movie Review : 3/5

StoryRamesh Varma
Screenplay Samudra
CameraAnil Bhandali
Presenter P.Prasad Raju
Producer Samudra, Mohan Vadlapatla
Banner Samudra Silver Screen
Reviewed onSep-19-2008
*ing: Bhumika
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Bhumika is one actress who has been very selective with her roles. Not only she has a good success rate but all the films are well acclaimed too. Her latest film Mallepuvvu, naturally, gained more limelight not only for that reason but several others too including Ilayaraja, Samudra, Ramesh Varma factors. Mallepuvvu seem to be loosely based on Iranian film Baaran. However, the writers are successful in adapting it to regional nativity.

Koti (Murali) works in a construction company. Malli (Bhumika) arrives there in the disguise of a guy. After realizing that Malli is a girl and not a guy, Koti falls in love with her. Meanwhile, police and other folks, who are in search for Malli, get hold of her. Koti ends up in jail after he attempts to free her from those guys. Who is Malli? Why is she in disguise? What happened to her finally? Is Koti successful in her love? Watch the film on silver screen.

Bhumika has already proved herself in different genres. She is paving her way to becoming an accomplished and seasoned actress. Coming to Mallepuvvu, she does not have even a single dialog in the entire first half. She has to only express and she did it with ease. Even though this is first film (as hero) for Murali, who played Koti, he acted very well. He seems a very familiar face on screen. He is for sure impressive in this role.
Director Samudra also played a supporting role int he film. Kovai Sarala, Abhinaya Sri, RK, Suman Shetty, Kadal Sukumar and others added their contribution in the cast.

Story is crux of this film. It is inspired from Baaran (Iranian film). However, Ramesh Varma, writer, is successful in translating to our nativity. Screenplay and hence narration are pretty good.

One of the technical highlights of the film is cinematography. Anil Bhandari proves his skill with the camera and keeps up the name of his guru (Sekhar V. JOseph). On the other hand, music and dialogs in the film could have been better. Ilayaraja composed music. 2 songs are good. Rest are average. Background score could have been better too. Dialogs penned by Vemagiri (new writer) are also not effective.

Samudra is a hard worker. He works to get the output he desires, no matter what. This film Mallepuvvu is different from all the films he made so far. However, Samudra was cautious and skillful enough with his work to bring on the required sensitivity as the name suggests. The screenplay seems more refined compared to his previous films.

Even though there is not much in the first half rather than creating curiosity factor, second half gets good marks in how those questions are unraveled. Overall, Bhumika, Samudra, Ramesh Varma's Mallepuvvu is different with the story and decent film to watch out for.

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User Reviews
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muralis performance
by anon user on 2008-09-19

murali performance was awesomee.Though it is his 1 st film his acting was pretty good.He is handsome in d everyone watch d movie.over all the film was entertaining.

bad movie
by anon user on 2008-09-21

dont watch it

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