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23 Apr 2014
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Nenu Meeku Telusa
Movie Review : 3/5

Nenu meeku Telusaa?
StoryAjay Sastry
Screenplay Ajay Sastry
DirectionAjay Sastry
CameraSuneel (cam)
DialogsAjay Sastry
Action Bob, Tim, Manoj Kumar
Presenter Mohan Babu
Producer Manchu Laxmi
Banner Laxmiprasanna
Reviewed onOct-10-2008
*ing: Brahmanandam, Ali, Sunil, Nazar, Riya sen, Manoj Kumar, Sneha Vullal
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Nenu Meeku Telusa, directed by Ajay Sastry, starring Manoj Kumar and Sneha Ullal, is a stylish film. Even though this is his first film, Ajay Sastry establishes his style of taking.

Base of the story comes from the short term memory loss concept. Aditya (Manoj) suffers short term memory loss after an accident. He cannot remember anything that happened the previous day. He keeps a track of his identity through an audio cassette. One day, the audio system will not work and he cannot find out who he is. And adding things to it, his uncle is found dead in his car. Police arrest him on that case and Anjali (Sneha Ullal) comes to his rescue as a cop. The rest of the plot deals with how Aditya and Anjali unravel this mystery and how he proves his innocence.

Manoj is pretty good in the role of Aditya. With his new body built up, he looked smart and manly in this film. He did very very good with fights and dances. Fights are composed in a different style and are executed well. And one chase scene which Manoj did without dupe is very impressive. Manoj's performance is as stylish as the film and stands as one of the highlights.

Riya Sen looked good as the girl friend of Manoj. Sneha Ullal played the cop. This is a different role for her. Accent used for her is different but not impressive. One fails to understand on why the director picked Sneha Ullal for a cop role. She is usually apt for girl next door, bubbly roles. No matter what, Sneha did her role well. Sunil, Surekha Vani, Nazar, Harshavardha, Bharat, Uttej, Mallikarjuna Rao, Vizag Prasad, Supreet and others are content in their roles. Brahmanandam is hillarious in his role as Barmani, brother of Armani.

Even though the story was a little old, narration scores good. Characterization of the hero seems to be inspired from Clean Slate. However, the rest of the plot is original. Manoj character is mould very good. however, the director could not focus the same on the content. Technically, the film is brilliant and with right content, the film would have been a big hit.

Songs are pictured very good. Editing is crisp and that work is apparent in songs and fights. Music is content. Sunil's cinematography is a big asset. Action sequences are good too. In fact, Manoj himself gets credit in the action sequences composition along with Tim and Bob. Dialogs by Ajay Sastry are content but tough at times.

The film suffers some unexplained or illogical sequences inspite of being technically good. For example, the audio system that Aditya uses to know his identity every day seems to be interactive rather than narrate what he is; Aditya sleeping immediately after realizing who the murderer is and then two heroines appearing for him; etc. Inspite of all these flaws, director still scores good as he proves his grip with his style of takings.

Production values are good and that is apparent on the screen. Run of the film will depend on how the other films fare this season.

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