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17 Apr 2014
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Rakta Charitra
Movie Review : 3.5/5

DirectionRamgopal Varma
Reviewed onOct-21-2010
*ing: Vivek Oberoi
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Rakta Charitra (21/10/10)
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Movie Review
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Raktha Charitra - title is very apt. It is all filled with blood. Well, the film is based on "few" real incidents and leaving the facts aside (we are not dealing with a documentary or report here.. this is a movie), the film will surely send shivers down the spine with all the blood and gory. Realizing that such incidents happened in real life, you tend to grow sympathy towards the victims and oppressed. And one such character taking the revenge and raising above the opponents is a surely a catcher with the viewers and RGV is successful in depicting so with his lead character Pratap Ravi (played by Vivek Oberoi).

Anandapuram is a happy village until one Naga Reddy plays a ploy to break a friendly and loyal relation between Narasimha Reddy and Veera Bhadra. What follows then is the next generation taking up the revenge path.

So what is new in the story? Well! this story is seen in many films and also, it happened for real. But it is the making and presentation that hit the right chords. Right from the word go, the film starts with blood and thumpy background score. It continues on the same tempo till the end. RGV, who always plays with his visual blocks, continued with that and got the fitting feel for the film. Visuals, re-recording and editing supported the film very aptly.

The portrayal of how factions, caste and politics play their part in the society is well done. Sivaji Rao's (played by Shatrughan Sinha resembling that of NTR) push to bring Pratap into the politics and how Pratap utilizes such opportunities creates interest and some excitement.

First half of the film shows the creation of rift between two groups (castes?) in a village. That turns really bloody.

In the second half, as Pratap starts eliminating his rivals, he gets a hand from Sivaji Rao to join politics. And that makes Pratap's life easy with his power too.

The cast was apt and did their parts well. Vivek Oberoi is impressive.

This is a violent film depicting what might have happened in real life a little while ago. RGV's mark is seen through out and his approach seems real fresh. Cinematographer, editor and background score composer needs special mention.

Overall, it is a well made film. RGV is back.

One thing I did not like is the usage of a chant from Siva Panchakshari and Maha Mrutumjaya Mantram repeatedly in the backtrack. They are devotional and very sacred. Use of those in the background track unnecessarily is something that could have been avoided. (P.S. When Asathoma Sadgamaya track was used in Matrix, there was a hue raised by the Hindu associations)

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