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19 Apr 2014
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Reviewed onFeb-18-2005
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Movie Review
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Sankranthi is the remake of Tamil hit film Anandam. Supergood films earlier produced some good family entertainers like Raja with Venkatesh.
Its the same team again - Supergood Films, Venkatesh and Muppalaneni Siva. Sankranthi is a out and out family movie.
Sankranthi comes with the backdrop of joint family concept. This film falls into the category of Vummadi Kutumbam, Pandanti Kapuram, Bangaru
Kutumbam and others.

Coming to the storyline, Raghavendra (Venkatesh), Vishnu (Srikanth), Chinna (Sivabalaji) and Vamsi (Sharwanand) are 4 brothers. They live happily with their parents.
Raghavendra is loved and respected by one and all. His engagement is confirmed with Anjali (Arti Agarwal), a distant relative of his. Before the marriage, Raghavendra loses

the property and comes to the stage of living in a rented house. Anjali's parents wouldnot let the marriage take place.
Raghavendra decides that he would not even
think of the marriage until they are settled again. He and Vishnu will struggle a lot and get everything back into shape financially.
Raghavendra gets married to Kalyani (Sneha) and Vishnu gets married to Anjali's sister (Sangeetha). Sangitha is a bit jealous.

Hence nitty gritty things start coming up in the family. Meanwhile Chinna falls in love with the daughter of Chowdary (Prakash Raj). For this marriage to take place,
Chinna should become "Illarikapu alludu". So things start breaking the family apart! How did the brothers overcome the misunderstandings form the rest of the story line.

Performance wise everyone did a good job. These kind of roles are a piece of cake for Venkatesh. He did a sensitive and very matured role.
He did a great job. He is very natural and just lived in the role. Also, his expressions speak more than his words. Hence it is the actor
in him that took over the entire show. The film being an emotional one, most of the scenes will see Venkatesh with teared eyes.
Though this gave ample scope for performance, this softens the character very much. Srikanth did a fantastic job. Another reason that elevated him is the
characterization. He played a very loyal brother. Just his brother's word will make him move. At times, it feels that,
characterization wise, Srikanth's role is leading.
Siva Balaji and Sharwanad did their roles well. Siva Balaji did a good job in the climax scene.
Though Sharwanand did not get much scope for performance, he utilized the role given to him very well.Chandra Mohan justified the character given to him.
Venu Madhav impresses with his parody of Shankar Dada and Mass.

Arti Agarwal did an impressive job though she is limited to few scenes and a song. Sneha delivered a balanced and fine performance.
Sangitha played the role with a little bit negative touch. She lived in that role. Also she did a great job with
the scenes where she repents for all her misdoings. Sarada didnot lose her touch. Though she acted after quite some gap,
she did her role with such an ease.

There is nothing new in the story. Joint family concepted films are not new to Telugu audience. Sankranthi totally runs on narration.
Characterization did for every role is perfect and stands with the audience through out the run of the film. Muppalaneni Siva did a great job
with establishing all the characters and continuing the stand. The film has heavy starcast and usually it is tough to manage
or maintain with such big names. The director did a tight rope walk and excelled in that.

Though the music is OK, there is nothing new. SA Rajukumar songs resemble his own tunes again and again. Re-recording for the film is good.
Dialogues by Paruchuri are really good and touching. They maintained their punch. Camera by Balamurugan is OK. Editing by Nandamuri Hari is good.

First half of the film is entirely dedicated on establishing the characters. Director took his own time in doing that. Owing to the large
number of characters, this can be understood. However, this gives a scope to a few boring moments. Second half starts on emotional note and a
highly emotional drama continues through the second half. Venu Madhav provides some comedy relief balancing the emotional touch. Some of the scenes are
tear jerking and heart touching! Venkatesh gives food to a theif (Sudhakar), who comes to rob his house, and gives him work. After a few instances, when Venkatesh
is about to leave his food about an argument, Sudhakar falls at his feet requesting to finish his food and Vishnu supports it. This scene is a long one but is really touching.
There are plenty of such scenes in this film.

The film has got all plus points except for the average music and only little comedy. This is definitely a long runner at the box office since this is a family entertainer
and the director did a great job in the presentation. Cast also delivered good performances.
This is definitely a good emotional family entertainer.

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