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17 Apr 2014
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Movie Review : /5

Screenplay Harish Shankar
DirectionHarish Shankar
Reviewed onFeb-09-2006
*ing: Raviteja, Jyothika, Subbaraju
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Shock (09/02/06)
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Shock is Factory (RGV's) product. Usually movies from Factory Production have the touch of RGV. Shock is different in that matter. It has got its own style, possibly that of the new director Harish's. Shock is a revenge based story line with good performances, effective dialogs by Kona Venkat, and fantastic background music.

Story line is a regular revenge plot. Normally debut directors come up with their original story line so that content and presentation would take care of each other. Director Harish used the story penned by the Factory production banner. Story has the lines of few old movies ala Manoharam, Criminal etc. However, the director did a good job in presenting the story in a novel way.

In brief, the story is about a happy couple Sekhar (Raviteja) and Madhurima (Jyothika) who work at the same place. Life is all good until two bad guys enter the field and the result is that Sekhar is branded a pro-maoist. Result, Sekhar is in jail. Madhurima goes to every possible extent to get Sekhar out of jail. Afraid that Madhurima might be successful, villains plan to eliminate her. Did they succeed? What happened next should be seen on the screen.

Raviteja and Jyothika delivered scintillating performances. Raviteja is as usual, at his very best. Dialog delivery is Raviteja's forte. There is a slight variation that is tried in this film - a touch of class probably. Director gave a good attempt in bringing a different angle of Raviteja.

After Chandramukhi, Jyothika appeared on screen. She is a show stealer. She is apt in her role. Every possible emotion is done in a matured way - innocence, perseverance and determination in fighting for her husband etc. She is very natural and at times few scenes of her bring tears.

Kota did a good job in his criminal lawyer role with a Telengana accent. Ravi Kaale, another Factory resident actor, did his role to content. Subba Raju shared the villainy with Ravi Kaale on screen. Nagendra Babu as CBI officer, Krishna Raju and
Raviprakash as friends of Sekhar did their roles to content. Brahmanandam dishes out good comedy in the first half.

Kona Venkat's dialogs are the highlight of the film. They are sharp and witty with a bit of sarcasm and reality. Ajay Atul's music is okay. Madhuram Madhuram is superb. Background score composed by Amar Mohile is fantastic.
Sudhakar and Sarvesh handled the camera and they did a fabulous job. Editing by Bhanodaya is okay. Ram Laxman's fights are good. Unlike unrealistic fights, stunts in this film are composed very well.

Revenge stories always have the same line. The point from one revenge film to the other varies in the point on why the protagonist decided to take the revenge and how? Second part of the film focuses on how factor. It turns a bit predictable and hence imparts a slow paced feeling. And a flashback is inserted. The flashback episode is aimed at stirring a mixture of emotions. Flashback served the right purpose. However, the song that pops up in the flashback might have deviated the mood.

Considering that this is the first film for Harish, he did a great job. There is no confusion in the narration. Plenty of scenes in
the first-half assure a good director in him. First half is light and second half has few heavy scenes. He is very balanced in handling both types. Though the story is a regular one, he tried to present it in a novel way with nicely paced

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