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18 Apr 2014
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Movie Review : /5

Reviewed onSep-01-2006
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Siva 2006 (01/09/06)
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Siva 2006 directed by Ramgopal Varma has nothing in common with the original Siva except the outline of the story. If Siva in 1990, as a student, used a chain to fight against bad elements, in 2006 he used a belt to fight against corruption with in and outside police department. Though, unintentionally, the comparision between these two crop up, it is better left uncompared.

Siva (Mohit) just graduates out of police academy. Sandhya (Nisha) is a journalist. They fall in love.
On the professional front, Siva is a honest and bold cop. That is what is liked by Sandhya also. With
his attitude, Siva gets into confrontation with Bapanna (Upendra Limaye), the local don. A small fight between these two grows out of proportion and Siva now becomes political target too. No prizes for guessing! Bapanna is closely associated with Home Minister. Irked with the politics and corruption, Siva resigns as cop and become more vigorous as a responsible citizen.

Listening to the story outline might remind one of the old Siva. However, the narration makes you forget it entirely. Technically this movie is 'high' on standards. Ramgopal Varma mastered (or whatever superlative you want to use) with technical standards. The way lighting is used is mind blowing. Amal Neerad did a fantastic job with his camera. Wow! is the word for it. The lighting effects used in the confrontation scene between Siva and the gangster from Malaysia is just an example.

As usual, Ramgopal Varma prefers going closeup and this film is no exception. Most of the shots in the film are close ups. However, let down is that a major chunk of them are on Mohit and he has no expressions. He has improved a lot from James but still has a huge scope for improvement. Due credit should be given to him for the action scenes though. It is because of his physique and original stunts
that the action episodes give that natural feel. He might be a let down with performance but compensated majorly with his stunts. Ram Laxman, who composed stunts and this is their first Bollywood
film, did a short role in the film. Their action episode with Mohit is one of the highlights of the film.

Nisha Kotari, in the role of Mohit's girlfriend and as a journalist, looked beautiful and is apt for
that role. She did good in the song sequences.

Film kicks off with a 'violent' episode. It is chilling but effective. Action picks up quickly. Scenes between Mohti and Nisha before the interval are novel. However, the plot is predictable.Dubbing given to the lead is not connected well. Rajeev Kanakala's voice for Mohit and Sunitha's voice
for Nisha are not apt.

Songs are done very nicly. Sitarama Sastry with lyrics and Ilayaraja with music gave the best and Ramgopal Varma used them nicely to effectively picture the songs. With Amal's camera work and choice of locations, the makers prove that songs doesnt have to be pictured abroad for good locations. Kudos for that. Kona Venkat's dialogs are content. Bear in mind that this is a RGV film. Expressions and actions speak better than the dialogs in his film.

Overall, the film reflects the grip Ramgopal Varma has on movie making. He mastered it! Though there isnt
much content and not-so-good performances in the film, Ramgopal Varma comes with excellent screenplay, stunning camera & visual work, perfect and scintilating score by Ilayaraja. Even with all this technical standards, the film is something amiss with the total feeling. (Probably that might be due to the unintentional-yet-comparing-with-original feeling). For example, Maachiraju (Kota's) scenes
have a super impact in the original. In Siva 2006, there is no impact with that character at all.
The list goes on. But without any comparisions, Siva 2006 will stand as an action film with high standards of technical wizardary.

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