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17 Apr 2014
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Movie Review : /5

Reviewed onMar-31-2005
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Movie Review
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Soggadu is directed by Ravibabu, who turned to director with Allari. Suresh Productions banner produced this film. The promo ads that were airing on TV
were quite assuring about the quality of the film. Finally, the film comes out as a regular triangular lovestory with added touch by Ravibabu.

Ravi (Tarun) is a reckless youth who is struggling to complete his Xth class even after repeated attempts. He has a bunch of friends who are no less to him.
Ravi falls in love with Swati (Arti). Thats love at first sight. Swati is the sister of GK (Subbaraju), who owns 500 autos. GK is always watchful about her
sister. Swati likes the guts of Ravi. Meanwhile her marriage is fixed with someone else. On knowing this, Ravi brings her out of the house. After
coming out of the house, Swati reveals to him that she is in love with a different person Chandu (Jugal Hansraj) and thats why she came out. Ravi, who
strongly believes that love is nothing but sacrifice, decides to unite them. So will Swati reach Chandu? What will happen to the love of Ravi should be
seen on the silver screen.

Tarun is perfect in the role of Ravi. He did the role with an ease. The character is very jovial in the first half and turns serious in the second half.
Tarun did a balanced performance in both shades. However, in some of the emotional scenes the director seemed to have failed to get the right emotions
out of him. When he realizes that Swati is in love with someone else, the pain he undergoes is not clearly expressed. Feel is missing in those scenes.
Arti Agarwal did the role of Swati. There is not even one dialogue for Arti in the first half. She fails to impress as Swathi.
It looks as if she is doing the character! Arti looked slim in most of the scenes. Except for the songs, she is seen in Chudidhars in the entire film.
Jugal Hansraj is a misfit for that role. His performance looked artificial in most of the scenes. One wonders why he is roped in to play that role! Add to it,
there is lip-synching problem at times.

Young lad who played Nani role did pretty nice job. Also, the comedy scenes involving Kalpana Rai and Brahmanandam are hillarious. Point to note here is that
there is not even one single dialogue for Kalpana Rai but she did a great job in evoking good comedy. She plays mother-in-law to Brahmanandam. Subbaraju did an impressive
job with his role. Kota, Ali and Sunil did their parts well.

Added attraction to this film are the special appearances of Sumanth, Srikanth, Venkatesh and Shreya. Venkatesh and Shreya come in a song.

Technically the film is very well made. Ravibabu projected a triangular love story in a very different style. He had a style in his takings. Especially, the songs
are pictured superb. Yeppatikappudu song is the highlight of the film. The locales and sets used for the song are excellent.
Yendallona and Madhumasam songs are very good. Current shock song has got good lyrics and reminds us of Ravibabu's songs from Ammailu Abbailu.
However, the details that were presented in the songs is something that is missing in the film. Characterizations are done loosely. Also,
the film runs quite predictable.

Since first half of the film is filled with comedy, the film passes on without any slag moments. Interval comes with the twist that Swati is in love
with Chandu. Until that point the director managed to bring it nicely. Starting the second half, the grip is lost.

Ravibabu did a great job with songs visualization and Chakri did an excellent job with providing the right tunes for that. Joshi's camera work adds it to the
technical plus points of the film. Suresh productions is a reputed banner. They spared no expense to get this film a rich look. Nivas came up with good dialogues
for the film. Occassionally you feel that you have heard it somewhere. Though the stunts are pretty regular, the climax fight is pictured very good. That is a 7 seater auto chase.

Overall, the first half goes on with good entertainment elements and superb songs. There is no story but
the director is successful with the screenplay and narration that it passes off smoothly in entertaining way. First half ends with raising
the expectations. But the second half fails to meet the raised expectation and fails to impress. At times it
gets boring.
However, the film is technically sound. Shot takings, music and visuals are great.

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