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17 Apr 2014
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Movie Review : /5

Reviewed onSep-20-2006
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Stalin (20/09/06)
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Stalin is undoubtedly the most anticipated film of the year. Directed by AR Murugodass with Megastar Chiranjeevi in the lead, Stalin is a movie that has a message along with some commercial elements. Murugodass, who directed films like Ramana (Tagore in Telugu) and Ghajini provided story, screenplay and direction for the film.

In short, the film is carried on by Chiranjeevi. Murugodass penned a good concept and was successful in bringing most of it. However, it is not as slick nor as focussed as his previous ones. The film still delivers the message and caters to most extent of the expectations. Stalin has huge plus points in casting and crew. Good concept, few exciting shot takings, fantastic background score by Manisharma and splendid camera work by Chota K Naidu along with scintillating performance by Chiranjeevi takes the film to a different level.

Stalin (Chiranjeevi) is a Major with Indian Army. He is recognized for his bravery at Kargil war. However, Stalin quits army and comes back. He realizes that it is necessary to educate the soceity about helping one another. He comes up with an idea to help 3 people and in turn would
ask them to help 3 more. As this starts to become a force by itself, Stalin gets into a confrontation with the home minister. They pit against each other in various ways and few lives are lost in this process. CM calls both to come to an understanding and home minister inturn decides to eliminate CM and put the blame on Stalin. What happens next? Why did Stalin resign from army? Did home minister kill CM? To know the answers, watch the film on the silver screen.

Stalin is kind of a story which is apt for Chiranjeevi. With his image, probably he is the only capable in that role. As mentioned earlier, the life of the film onscreen is Chiranjeevi (need it be said?). It need not be mentioned on how Chiru did his role because he defined new standards about onscreen presence and performance. In terms of dances, he did excellent in Tauba Tauba song. In the rest of the songs, Chiranjeevi's agility is missing though.

Trisha did her role well. She has only a little scope but she did well. Compared to her previous films, there is more of skin show from her.
She did very good in dances. Dancing with Chiranjeevi is not an ordinary thing and most of the times heroines dont even get noticed. Here, Trisha did well. She also looked beautiful.

Two more key characters in the film are Sunil and Prakashraj. Sunil played friend to Chiranjeevi and he did very well. Especially towards the climax, his performance is excellent. Prakashraj is as usual. He does any role with ease. He played a vicious 80 year old politician and did it with quite an ease.

Kushboo and Sarada played sister and mother to Chiranjeevi. They did their roles to content. Ravali played a key role and she did well.

Technically, story is very good. However, the script gets deviated from the actual theme in the first half to a war between Stalin and Home Minister
in the second half. Stalin's character is projected to be with a mindset of doing something for the soceity. But his focus totally changes to
home minister in the second half. This is where the theme takes a beating. Though the director tried his best to include entertainment that is expected from Chiranjeevi's film, the script restricts and hence only limited amout of entertainment is there. But that is done very nicely. Scenes between Chiru, Trisha at coffee shop, scenes with Chiru, Sunil, also with Brahmanandam, Sarada came out very well.
So in parts, there is entertainment. However due to the heaviness of the subject, one would miss the entertainment in total.

Screenplay and direction are decent but not extraordinary. One would except best from Murugodass who directed films like Ramana and Ghajini.
Couple of numbers will send the audience to the aisle. Songs are filmed very nicely. Background score by Manisharma is fantastic. Action sequences in the film need a special mention. Kanal Kannan did a wonderful job. Though there is too much of rope involved, the look on the screen is amazing.

Overall, the film runs in a slow pace with establishing the characters. Scenes between Chiranjeevi and Trisha are entertaining in the first half. It also feels that too much of preaching was done in the first half. Probably that is why the slow pace is felt. Kargil episode is also excellent. Prakashraj makes his entry towards the end of first half and that comes in an excellent bang. Second half starts off with action episodes and there are good number of fights in teh second half. The tempo builds up towards the climax and the climax takes the film to a different level. It will not be an exaggeration to say that climax is the highlight.

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