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23 Apr 2014
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Movie Review : /5

Reviewed onDec-31-1969
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Vikramarkudu (31/12/69)
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Vikramarkudu is an exciting title and Raviteja lived up to it. That is one liner about the film. Raviteja played double role in the film - one as a cop (Vikram Rathod) and the second one is Attili Sattibabu. Sattibabu is a petty thief but kind hearted. These two roles are played by Raviteja so well that one might wonder if they are tailor made for Raviteja and if any one else can fit in so apt. This becomes a big exciting point for the film. Add to this Rajamouli's style of taking and tight screenplay. That makes up Vikramarkudu. That being said, the other side of it is that the film does not stand up to the previous films of Rajamouli, songs are okay, and lacks logic (which is not uncommon in movies though).

Going into the details - Sattibabu and his friend Duvva (Brahmanandam) are friends. They make their daily bread and butter by cheating people in a petty way. These kind of roles are an easy walk for Raviteja. Brahamanandam brings good amount of laughter in his role. Sattibabu falls in love with Neeraja Goswami (Anushka) from Chambal area in Madhyapradesh. She is in town to attend a marriage and falls in love with Sattibabu. That is where her role begins and ends. Anushka is pretty much restricted to songs. She did dances with grace. (Being a yoga teacher seems to have definitely helped her.) Same is the case with Raviteja. His dances are simply superb. Especially for the song Attili Sattibau, Mettali Kati babo.

Love brings a change in Sattibabu or he decides to bring a change in himself and goes for a final robbery. Instead of getting money or gold, he gets a daughter. He finds a small girl in a box who calls him daddy. Sattibabu is shocked. To his astonishment, he starts getting voluntary support from police officer Mahanti, played by Rajeev Kanakala, from that point on. Rajeev has got a good piece of role that has scope for performance and he lived up to it. Mahanti comes to Sattibabu's rescue when a bunch of goons attack Sattibabu. Sattibabu is utterly clueless. And then comes the bang in the form of Vikram Rathod who makes a sudden appearance.

So who is this Vikram Rathod? Why are the goons after Attili Sattibabu? Who is the real father of the small girl? Watch it on the silver screen for the plot.

Story of the film is pretty ordinary. It is the performance of Raviteja on screen that gives the film the needed push. Behing the screen, dialogs by Ratnam are applaudable. Raviteja is known for his style of dialog delivery and Ratnam's dialogs are a perfect to the purpose. Music by MM Keeravani is okay. Vastava Vastava song will bring the masses to the aisle. Attili sattibabu, College papala songs are also good. Keeravani made it up in the re-recording. Re-recording has got excellent effect in the film. Sarvesh Murari's camera work and Kotagiri's editing are content enough.

Good amount of sentiment is also applied and it is handled very well. The sentiment scenes mostly included Raviteja and the little girl.

SS Rajamouli proves his style again. Screenplay is slick. Though there are a few slag moments they are washed away in the span of slick narration. Balance is maintained in both parts of the film with action, comedy and everything else. That is where he makes it right. First half of the film goes in full entertainment mode. Second half gets into action part but the entertainment values are maintained at the same level. Relatively, Vikramarkudu is not upto the standard of Rajamouli's previous films. There is a kind of punch that is usually seen in his films and that is missing to some extent. What he did not miss is excessive violence, and double entendres.

Bottomline, this is a treat to Raviteja fans. After Venky, this is THE film that fully portrayed the mass appeal of Raviteja.

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