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Lead Tarun, Ileana
Music KM Radhakrishna
Director K.Vijaya Bhaskar
Producer Sakhamuri Panduranga Rao
Banner Sri Laxmidevi Productions
Release 11th Apr 2008
Bhale Dongalu
Story K.Vijaya Bhaskar
Screenplay K.Vijaya Bhaskar
Dialogues Abburi Ravi
Editing Marthand K Venkatesh
Camera Jagan

TT Rating: 2.5/5
Rating Reference: 1-Bad; 2-So So; 3-Can watch once; 4-Well made, must watch; 5-Exceptional work;

Bhale Dongalu - Review
When a movie deals with thieves, it requires a lot of entertainment. Bhale Dongalu, starring top heroine Ileana and Tarun, who keeps a low profile since several years, offers average show. Though director Vijaya Bhaskar credited himself as the storywriter, there is no iota of originality anywhere in the film. Better, the film may be called a copycat of Bunty Aur Bubly. There is no justification in Vijayabhaskar's words that the story was the product of his brain.

Ramu (Tarun) leaves his home in a huff as he is averse to the suggestion of his dad to take up a job. Jyothi (Ileana) too does the same as she dislikes the marriage proposal of her parents. Both board the same compartment of a running train. By the dawn, the baggage of both is lost. They go to Vizag. Jyothi wants to take part in the Miss India pagenyry there, but couldn't get through. She also faces a lot of humiliation. In each and every step, they encounter cheats. They too want to become like that. Jointly, they operate thieving. Coming to Hyderabad, they don the mantle of Romeo and Juliet. They invite the wrath of a hardcore drug mafia leader and smuggler Virraju (Pradeep Ravat), who becomes their victim. The list of complaints against the duo from the public is on the raise. DCP Yugandhar (Jagapati Babu) gets into the scene to arrest them. Hounded by the gang of Virraju and the police, the duo is always on the run. What happened later forms the crux of the story.

Tarun as Romeo did a good job, showing maturity in expressions, but for those who saw Abhishekh in the role find it embarrassed with Tarun's height. Ileana is a big asset to the film. She did the characterization as Juliet with élan. The mix of both innocence and mischief in her role is apt. But, the costumes didn't suit her well in some of the song sequences. Jagapati Babu as DCP Yugandhar did a fine job. As everybody knows the role was done by none other than Big B in Bunty Aur Bubly. If you bring comparison, you have no other go, but leave the theatre. The villainy on the part of Pradeep Rawat is adequate. Dharmavarapu Subramanyam's comedy as Manmatha Rao is good. His truck with Ileana brings laughter on and often. Sunil appears in the role of a taxi driver, but not with much comedy. Chandra Mohan, Sudha played the roles of Tarun's parents, while they are GVL and Sana for Ileana.

Director Vijayabhaskar, who also is the storywriter, almost lifted the entire movie, but for a few characterization. The villain's characterization done by Pradeep Rawat as Virraju is an addition. Another modification is that the duo on the run in Hindi becomes couple and the girl gets pregnant. Here, it is not done so. The police officer just lets them scot-free as he gets moved by the profuse weeping by Romeo and Juliet. Other than that, each and every scene, emotion and song placement resembles us of Bunty Aur Bubly. The first half lacks entertainment, while the second half gets a thud thanks to the entry of Jagapati Babu as police officer. Another plus point of the film is that Vijayabhaskar had put a lot of concentration on heroine Ileana compared to Tarun. This works as the glamour factor. Dialogues by Abburi Ravi is average. Cinematography is excellent. KM Radhakrishna, who is known for giving class music, tried giving commercial music and he is successful. Charmme's item song with Tarun is a bonus. Lack of vulgarity is another plus point.

Review by: Phani

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