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Lead Prabhas, Trisha
Music Sandeep Chowta
Director Puri jagannath
Producer KS Ramarao
Banner Creative Commercials
Release 22 May 2008
Bujjigadu..Made in Chennai
Story Puri Jagannath
Screenplay Puri Jagannath
Dialogues Puri Jagannath
Editing M R Verma
Camera Shyam K Naidu

TT Rating: 3.25/5
Rating Reference: 1-Bad; 2-So So; 3-Can watch once; 4-Well made, must watch; 5-Exceptional work;

Bujjigadu..Made in Chennai - Review
Bujjigadu..Made in Chennai is directed by Puri Jagannath with Prabhas in the lead. Prabhas delivers the goods right but the film stands out as an average film because of the thin story line and a little drag in the second half.

In their childhood, Bujji (Prabhas) and Chitti (Trisha) are neighbours in Vizag. They are good friends. One fight between these two make them take a oath that they dont speak to each other for 12 years. To stay away from Chitti, Bujji runs away to Chennai. The rest of the plot deals with if Bujji and Chitti could unite.

Puri Jagannath has a knack with screenplay and dialogs. That has been the secret of his success. Once again, with Bujjigadu, he makes a film survive without any story in it and runs the show for 2 and half hours without giving the feel of boring. However, except a few dialogs and liners, there isnt much comedy in the film and hence the film stands average in overall. Especially this entertainment aspect is lacking more in second half.

Puri Jagannath's court comedian Ali is in the film. He appears in three short roles but not to much use. So far, Ali's roles in any Puri Jagannath's films are outstanding and naturally when one sees Ali in this film, something is expected. But there is not much scope. A little comedy is done by Sunil and a few liners from others. Even though Ahuti Prasad has a short role and only a few dialogs, all his dialogs relating to girls, love story to real estate click well. Puri's dialog punch is seen specifially in those instances.

If there is anything bright and 100% positive to be talked about the film, it is the hero - Prabhas. He is 100% pure hero material. His physique and costumes with a little rugged look make him look all the more impressive giving him 100/100 as hero material. His hair style suited him good. Performance side apart, he is surely a delight to watch in the film. Oh! by the way, he showcases his six pack in the film. Trisha is content in her role. At times, her makeup feels gaudy. Sanjana makes debut as heroine and she has not much scope to perform but did her role well in the scope.

Mohan Babu does a good length role in the film. Naturally, by director's instincts, Mohan Babu is presented very well. But that is pretty much it. There is not much scope for the character to deliver a performance of Mohan Babu's calibre. In fact, the role reminds of Srihari in previous movies like Dhee, Mahanandi etc. Mohan Babu did his role well in the given scope.

Even though all the songs have beats, only few are catchy. Talaiva song stands out. On screen, the songs pop up so quickly that by the second half one would start feeling, 'not another song'. Few of the songs are done well. There is good amount of action also. Technically, the backbone of the film is screenplay. Shyam K Naidu's photography and editing by MR Verma are good. Especially MR Verma's slick editing with right effects gives stylish feel. There are 6 songs in the film and you will have to look for Telugu words in the songs (as most of them are filled with Tamil, English and Hindi).

First half of the film is good. Break comes in a bit quick. Second half has not much content but screenplay saves the show to most part. Overall, the film stands just above average. It can be a timepass watch for once.

Review by: Phani

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