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Lead Manoj Kumar, Sada
Music Dina
Director Subramanya Siva
Producer Naga Ashok Kumar
Banner Sri Saideva Productions
Release 6 August 2004
Donga Dongadi
Story Subramanya Siva
Screenplay Subramanya Siva
Dialogues Chintapalli Ramana
Editing Marthand K. Venkatesh
Camera Ajay Vincent
Action Stunts Siva

Rating Reference: 1-Bad; 2-So So; 3-Can watch once; 4-Well made, must watch; 5-Exceptional work;

Donga Dongadi - Review
Vasu (Manchu Manojkumar) spends most of his time hanging out with his friends, who belong to the same flock. He loves his father (Vinayakam) and his brother (Rajeev Kanakala) very dearly. His brother is different from him that he is responsible and studious. Vasu is regularly chided by his father as a good-for-nothing guy. He takes it light. Vasu, as a regular activity, starts teasing Vijji (Sada). In a bid to teach a lesson to Vasu, Vijji hatches a plan. But Vasu's brother becomes a victim. Vasu realizes his mistake and decides to take up a job in Vizag suggested by his brother. In Vizag, he meets Vijji again. Meanwhile, there is another girl Pooja (Varshita), who is madly in love with Vasu. So, what happens between Vijji and Vasu? Will Pooja get to marry Vasu? Watch it on the silver screen! You wont be disappointed.

Donga Dongadi is a good entertainer. This is all Manoj show. He simply amazes with his performance. One would wonder if this is his first film. He is a perfect fit for that character. There is nothing much in the story. The story line is filmsy. Still, this proved as a good launch pad for Manoj Kumar. Manoj Kumar impresses with his performance in comedy, emotions, dances and fights. Sada complemented him well. As a naugthy girl she did 100% justice to the role offered. The chemistry worked well.

Siva Subramanyam handled story, screenplay and direction. He seemed to have concentrated more on the screenplay. The storyline is thin. Overall, he handled all three departments above average. Though at times, the film seems to slag, overall it is OK. It is the cast that makes the movie entertaining. Sunil dished out good comedy with his Tagore mannerisms. Vinayakam, did a balanced job as the father of Vasu.

The way Siva Subramanyam moulded the character of Vasu is applaudable and will be well-received. A guy with careless attitude moulds into a responsible youth - this transformation is projected nicely. Though there are slag moments with could-be-better screenply in the first half, second half runs with a tight narration. Dialogues written by Chintapalli Ramana are good and entertaining, though at a few instances they are a bit obscene.

Music provided by Dina is OK. Songs are passable. Manmadha Raja song will pull crowds to the aisles. Otherwise, songs and the background are OK. Camera by Ajay Vincent and Marthand K. Venkatesh are good. Overall, the film is entertaining. Though with not so strong story, average music, and some slag screenplay, the film turns entertaining with good performance by the casting and nice comedy. Manoj Kumar is definitely to stand in for a long time. A final tip, Manoj would rock if he considers trimming a bit.

Review by: Phani

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