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Lead Sharwanand, Naresh, Kamalini
Music Anil & ES Murthy
Director Radhakrishna
Producer Sai Baba Jagarlamudi
Banner First frame entertainment
Release 29th Feb 2008
Story Radhakrishna
Screenplay Radhakrishna
Dialogues Nagaraju Gandham
Editing Sravan Katikaneni
Camera Hari Anumolu
Action Ram Laxman

TT Rating: 4/5
Rating Reference: 1-Bad; 2-So So; 3-Can watch once; 4-Well made, must watch; 5-Exceptional work;

Gamyam - Review
Debut director Radhakrishna comes out with a simple, sensitive and superbly made film in Gamyam. No where in the film does one can find the shades of a debut director. Be it with the story, screenplay or the takings, he impresses. Also impressive are the performances and technical contributions. Special appreciation would go to the dialog writer Nagaraju for his crackers on the society and politics that aptly reflect the present circumstances.

Gamyam is the story of an affluent Abhiram ( Sharvanand) who takes a motorcycle ride across the myriad landscapes of Andhra Pradesh in search of an elusive love and discovers his roots in the process. He is a graduate of MBA from US comes on a reluctant holiday to India, where his father is a ultra rich industrialist. A motherless child, he's always lived away from home studying in boarding schools and finally moved to USA for his Graduate and Masters programs. For the most part, he's been a protected child and has always been provided a lavish lifestyle. He meets Janaki, a charming, young medico and begins to flirt with her on a fancy. Her free-spirited nature draws him to her and they develop an intimate friendship.

He finds himself falling in love with her, but she restrains herself, always keeping an emotional distance from him. Though she likes him, she can't love him for he's not sensitive to the people and things around him. One day, he Abhiram finds a note from Janaki that she is going her way. This propels Abhiram into a motorcycle journey, in search of love and redemption. He is aided in his journey by a motorbike thief Gali Sreenu, a cantankerous young man who takes life easy. Through their adventurous journey, Sreenu provides the common man's perspective to everyday struggles of life, but does so in an light-hearted, humorous manner. In search of Janaki, Abhiram comes across all the people from her past and in the process gets to really know her, more than he ever did in the weeks he spent with her.

The journey he takes, changes his life drastically as he is exposed to the hard realities of rural life and yet it's simple joys. The landscapes and the people he meets takes him through a emotional journey that alters his perceptions forever. Be it a painter who supports orphaned kids, a disillusioned ex-militant, a prostitute who craves for love, or his own companion Gali Sreenu, they all aid in his journey of self-discovery.

But what of Janaki? The person instrumental in his metamorphoses. Will he find her? Will she accept him? And more importantly will he accept himself. To find what happend u have to watch this beautiful film in big screen itself.

Sharwanand delivers a matured and balanced performance in the role of Abhiram. In fact, it feels like the character is tailor made for him. It will be fair to say that he lived in the role as the guy who kind of has aversion to situations here having returned from US. He also looked very good. Kamalini performed very well in the role. Special mention goes for her performance in the Ballet that comes in the first half. Truely, highlight of the film is Naresh, who played the role of Gali Srinu. Most of the philosophical, emotional and satirical dialogs that are heavy feel easy and light just because of him. He is simply excellent with his dialogs and performance.

Rao Ramesh, as ex-naxalite, did his role very well. Being the heir of Rao Gopalarao, it is surprising that he still hasnt got into the limelight. He is way way better than imported actors. He did his job very well. Brahmanandam played a short role but is very successful in evoking laughter. Abhishek, Arun Kumar, Hema etc did their roles to content. MS Narayana's recording dance troupe will give full mass kick to the film.

It is a commendable job done by Radhakrishna. It is a sensible film, some thing that can draw parallel to the life of Sidhartha (Gautama Buddha). On this bike journey, the protagonist experiences various styles of life, emotions, sorrows, joy etc. He realizes the true self. This realization and the process are nicely narrated by the director. Also, this is the first time any Telugu Film has touched Ballet in such style.

Sitarama Sastry penned lyrics in the film and they are very meaningful and effective. 'Yentha varaku yendukoraku intha parugu ani adakau .. gamaname nee gamyam aithe.. baata lone brathuku doruku..' is just an example of Sirivennela's lyrics in this film. Dialogs by Nagaraju are very effective. Even though it is his debut film, he did a magnificient job. Especially the dialogs done for Gali Srinu are simply superb. Music by Anil and background score by ES Murthy are good. Hari Anumolu's camera work is very good. Even though there is only one action sequence in the second half, it is effectively composed by Ram Laxman. Rajee Nair's set work for the Ballet is also very good. All in all, every thing fell in place for the film.

First half of the film runs at a good pace. There are some lag moments in the second half such as the naxalite issue seem to be long drawn. But the director had very limited options before taking to the climax. Overall, Gamyam has a long list of positive things that overthrow a few lag moments in the second half.

Gamyam is a good one with good performances by the cast and equally well contributions from the technical team. The film is a definite watch. The film might not draw huge openings due to the lack of star cast or crew. If received well, the film has all chances to make it big.

Review by: Phani

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