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Lead Tabu, Raja, Abbas
Music John P Warki
Director Chandra Sidhartha
Producer Chandra Sidhartha
Banner Filmotsav
Idhi Sangati
Story Patanjali
Screenplay Chandra Sidhartha

TT Rating: 2.75/5
Rating Reference: 1-Bad; 2-So So; 3-Can watch once; 4-Well made, must watch; 5-Exceptional work;

Idhi Sangati - Review
Chandra Siddarth is known for his societal themes through the films Aa Naluguru and Madhumasam. This time, he meditated on the general human qualities of greed and self-defense. He chose a subject that is universal and he went outspoken in treating each and every character with ruthless perfection when it comes to human nature. However, the same thing resulted in utter lack of entertainment. As such, the film lags behind in what you call commercial elements.

Satya Murthy (Abbas) is crime reporter with a newspaper and tastes the extra income by way of using his influence with the top brass of government officials when the low-rung staff approaches for favors to be done. Neeladri (Sunil) is the photographer. One day, they go to cover the gory accident involving Mumbai Express, in which 48 passengers are killed. Both cover the news, take the photographs of the accident spot. Here, they get tempted at the glittering riches on the bleeding corpses. They literally rob the dead bodies of whatever gold they have, along with other thieves. Satya Murthy happens to lift a suitcase which consists of diamonds worth Rs. 500 Crore. However, the reporter doesn't know what is inside the box. His wife Swarajyam (Tabu) is curious about its contents. She opens the same in the absence of her hubby. She hides the mega treasure from the eyes of not only the hubby but the neighborhood. However, true to the weakness of the women for riches, she goes out with the fancy idea of buying a Rs. 1 crore car and a posh flat. This puts her in soup, which later results in the kidnapping of her husband. How she rescues her hubby and what happened to that Rs. 500 Cr. Diamonds? These things are dealt with in the later part of the story.

Tabu gives a sensuous and beautiful look all through the film. As a housewife hailing from the middle section of the society, she is impressive in her characterization. She could come out with excellent oomph in a couple of songs, which seem to have been exclusively designed for her. This shows that Chandra Siddarth has relied much on Tabu's glamour. Abbas did a neat job as crime reporter. However, their chemistry didn't suit well in this film as was the case with their earlier flick Prema Desam. Sunil's comedy is fine, though with small footage. Kota Srinivasa Rao played the role of the Prime Minister, while MS Narayana did his personal manager. Hema played the wife to Sunil. Surya did the circle-inspector, investigating the missing of diamonds. Chalapati Rao did the role of DIG, who directly reports to the Prime Minister about the progress in diamonds-missing case. Brahmaji played the role of a greedy lawyer. A major highlight of the film is the cameo by Raja as Kalavar King, leader of thieves. He also shakes legs for a song with a glamorous dancer.

The story is narrated in old-fashioned style. But compare to his previous flicks here, the output is satisfactory. ...There is no justification in the censor certification of A to the film, as there is no vulgarity anywhere in the film, nor does any bloodshed or violence. Music and the background score are not good in the movie... camera work by J K is superb.... i was stunned - the movie was shot entirely in digital format... in no way, it is easier to detect non-use of the regular negitive. Does it mean tollywood going digital?.. wow...

Idhi Sangathi is a clear satire on the dependable vicious circle involving politicians, police and criminals. Chandra Siddarth made an attempt to project his mind that human greed is universal and it has no barriers like great or small. A major thing to note in the film is that all the characters in the film are not positive. Every character is greedy for the riches, from politicians to police to criminals to middleclass people. Nobody understands why the director chose the post of a PM as the greedy person, from whom the original problem has started. The police investigation into the missing diamonds issue is also frivolous.

The chances of the film showing up the stamina at the box office are doubtful. However, we can't rule out its influence on the audiences on the lines of chandra siddardha's previous films, like aa naluguru and madhumaasam, wchich emerged as critically acclaimed performers, 2 weeks after release.

Review by: Phani

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