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Lead NTR, Hansika
Music Mani Sharma
Director Meher Ramesh
Producer Aswani Dutt
Banner Vyjayanthi Movies
Release 9 May 2008
Story Meher Ramesh
Screenplay Meher Ramesh
Dialogues Meher Ramesh
Camera Sameer Reddy

TT Rating: 2.75/5
Rating Reference: 1-Bad; 2-So So; 3-Can watch once; 4-Well made, must watch; 5-Exceptional work;

Kantri - Review
Meher Ramesh, who directed several Kannada hit films and also worked with director Puri Jagannath, directed Kantri starring NTR, Hansika and Tanisha. The expectations on the film are high. Though the film has good potential, good shot takings, superb performance by NTR, excellent work done by Sameer Reddy with camera and Mani Sharma with music, the film fails to reach the expectations due to lag and not so well etched screenplay.

Kranti for the good and Kantri for the bad (NTR) joins PR Exports company run by PR (Prakashraj) and (Seshu)Ashish Vidyarthi. PR company is involved in illegal activities with PR based out of Hongkong and Seshu running the same in India. Kranti uses his muscle for Seshu. Kranti is a dynamic guy who cares for no one and raises quickly in the eyes of PR and Seshu. On one point they break up and Kranti starts his own gang. This brings PR to India. In a face-to-face, PR and Kranti realize that PR is Kranti's father. What happens next should be seen on the screen.

NTR's show is amazing in the film. His dialogue delivery, stunts and dances become major highlights. His more stylized presentation and performance has come to rock for his fans, leave alone the fate of the movie in the coming days. Hansika's performance is akin to her debut in Desamuduru, doing a soft and glamorous role where there is no scope for exhibiting her innate talents. Tanisha is limited to couple of songs and skin show. Prakashraj is content in his role. So are Ashish Vidyarthi, Shiyaji Shinde, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Ajay Sastry etc. Subbaraju got good scope in the film and he did it well. Sunil, shown as Rajani Hasan, is not impressive. Ali, Brahmanandam appear in short roles and are okay in their roles. Krishna Bhagawan also did a short role but provides relief with his comedy timing.

First 20-30 minutes of the film and the last 15 minutes of the film are worth talking about. The rest of the film just goes on. Even the dialogs (penned by Meher Ramesh) are good in the first 20-30 minutes. In fact, there are couple of dialogs for NTR that would send his fans to aisle. His introduction is done on a cycle and when one goon says 'Cycle meeda vachi kottestava', NTR responds 'Cycle meeda vachi sanchalanalu srushtinchina charitra marichipoyara...leka inkevvaru cycle meeda raranukunnara'; 'naaku thelisi ye blood relation lekunda andharu Anna ani sambodhinche athanu okkade.. athanu swargam lo unnaru'; 'weight thaggindhi body lo, head weight alage undhi.. by birth';

Meher Ramesh handled story, screenplay, dialogs and direction for this film. The film is stylish and his shot takings are good and few dialogs had good punch. However, he should have taken more care with the narration. First half runs for 1 1/2 hour but feels really long. With that kind of first half, the entire burden moved on to the second half. Second half does not do any better until the last 15 mintues. Reason is that there is not much content and lot of action in this meantime. Also, Tanisha's character is not at all required. It is not properly developed nor there is any significant impact of the character on the plot. Also, track was made to insert some comedy. Except for Krishna Bhagawan's liners, rest did not work out. Sunil's track is another sequence that did not contribute much to the film. Sunil, Brahmanandam episode fails to entertain. Few songs are good. Couple of songs feel the same pattern. There are total of 6 songs - 3 in first half and 3 in second half. Also, how Kranti tricks PR is inspired from Bluff Master.

Behind the screen, camera work by Sameer Reddy is outstanding. Mani Sharma gave fitting background score and songs are good. Three songs came out very good.. Kantri, Vayasu Nami, and I go crazy.

Kantri is all about NTR. He is a visual treat on the screen. The script had good potential if only the narration worked out well. Overall, Kantri turns out to be just about average fare that too because of the presence of NTR. It can be watched once only for him.

Review by: Phani

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